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A new day has come.. a boring one at that..

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*tititititieeetttt… titititititeeeet!!* *bang* there goes the alarm clock!! AND IT IS 4:45 IN THE MORNING! what the early.. especially when you know that you must get some sleep and that there would be just an ordinary day ahead of you..

So I banged my head and decided to be late for school.. nObody cares anyway.. I really don’t wanna go to school today.. i know there’s nothing in store for me this day.. so I went back to bed and sleep ’til I wake up.. I woke up at 8:30.. I decided to go to school at 10.. but then.. I asked my classmates what they were doing in school.. NOTHING!! they were just gambling there.. (ahem.. we are breeding future gamblers in PARSCI!!!) hehe.. no offense to those guilty of being accused.. hehe.. Since they were doing nothing, I decided not to go to school anymore.. They told me that they would call me when somebody would ask for me..

I was happy eating breakfast.. I cooked noodles just for that. OH.. how I love noodles!!! noodles!! I could eat noodles for a whole year straight.. !!! Then.. ring ring.. *shut up just shut up shut up.. shut up just shut up shut up* there goes my cell phone.. someone’s calling.. its.. Vikka.. oh well.. its nikki.. sir Dids is asking for me.. coz i have those 2×2 pictures with me.. kaasar.. so i have to go to school.. i was literally running.. just to go there fast.. but i dont have any money.. damn! my parents aren’t home.. we met later just for money.. buckets of sweat was pouring out of me.. you could squeeze me and my sweat would fill buckets and buckets.. cool huh? noh.. that’s how hot it is here in the Philippines.. i hate it when summer comes.. you could change shirts everyhour.. think about laundry… anyway.. when i got to school… i took a bow.. here i am.. i met sir dids and did what i have to do..

we were then asked to go to our room.. to sing??? ano pa ba.. our PSHS hymn.. this is how it goes..

Praise to you alma mater
Stronghold of our talents
Here we learn to strive for right
Sealing fame for your glorious high

Peace we bring to the future
Service we impart
Hoping and believing
Success lives in our hearts

Praise to you alma mater
Seat of wisdom and learning
How we raise our voices high
Parañaque Science High

(repeat 2 and 3)

that’s it.. very cool.. but it really is good.. especially the tune.. no joke…

anyway.. after that.. the choice of graduation songs.. (thinks… this day is really boring…)

after school.. my berks and I went to sm sucat.. san pa ba? anyway.. when we got there.. there were only three of us.. nikki, che, and I.. we went straight to mcdo.. to eat lunch.. then.. i told then the kwento about the bente thing… haha.. such fun.. gossip lang.. then.. we ate.. then up to check out what time the movie would start.. 50 First Dates.. 2:35.. we still got 45 minutes then to look around and wait for our kaberks..

(fast forward to the movie)

am not gonna continue with my boring day.. im just gonna tell you about the movie i saw.. 50 first dates

50 First Dates

am not gonna tell you the summary.. just what i think about it..

the movie was great!! it really is… at first i thought it would be just like any other romance comedy movies.. it is.. but it has a twist.. imagine a girl.. with a short-term memory loss.. everyday of her life, she thinks it was the day after the accident.. she wears the same thing, eats the same thing at the same place at the same time.. whatever happens on that day.. she would not remember.. adam sandler was such a nice guy to love that girl.. if i was a guy… maybe i wouldn’t have done that.. what would i do if a person doesn’t really know who i am.. everyday.. i would keep on winning her heart.. everyday of my life.. that was hard.. but adam did it!! i was really touched.. *as if i was drew there* i forgot their was like lucy and harry or henry i think.. whatever.. such a nice movie.. awww.. and it was funny!!! there are goofy parts there.. romantic ones too.. some would make you cry.. almost.. but your tears would be held back by laughter.. hahahaa… so much for that..

I think i wanna watch THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST… but isn’t it gory?? full of gore?? i think it’s a good movie.. but when i saw the trailer.. all i saw was blood.. *think about that.. i wanna be a nurse..* lol.. but yeah… kinda freaky.. but that’s jesus christ.. i would probablywatch it anyway..

but the movie i really am waiting for is.. HARRY POTTER THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN.. i wanna see daniel radcliffe.. he is so cute.. certified BG.. hehe.. i also wanna have the 5 books of harry potter.. but it costs.. 4,950 bucks!! what the heck.. how would i get that much money??!!! damn!!!!!!!!



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oh my gosh!!! graduation will be on the 31st.. I could not believe this.. oh my gosh! My barkada and I would soon be apart.. Oh how I wish I could prolong time.. It would be so difficult to part ways.. The fact that we would all be going in different colleges makes me feel hopeless.. I just hope that we would still be friends.. Even though we would have our own circle in college… Graduation is fast approaching.. Our days our numbered.. I wanna share my pics.. the mementos of our happy moments together here… I want everyone to see the VISEC DAT MR JACKS T… Presenting.. Vikka, Nikki, Samantha, Edlin, Cherry Anne, Kristine Mae, Aprille, Tin, Monique, Mario, Ida, Theresa B, Liezle, Theresa E, Veah, and Jenny.. Some of them are not present in the pictures.. we haven’t had a whole picture as a group.. awww.. sad…. I just hope that we would soon have it.. Cheers!

EDIT: Pictures removed!

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NSAT day… (not a big deal!!)

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haay.. life.. today..i started the day by getting up a minute earlier.. (i usually wake up at 4:45 am).. i woke up earlier to prepare my pencils and other things that i would bring to school..including the Cover, the title page, “paghahandog“, the list of our names.. blah blah blah. then i started taking a bath.. then dress up for school..then eat breakfast.. then went outside and went straight to aprille’s house.. hehe.. i ride with them to school every day… rather.. every school day..

NSAT was not a big deal for us..WHy? Don’t know. We haven’t even studied for it..unlike what we did in the NEAT.. where we even reviewed and studied much… Our room.. for the L to Z girls of Parsci senior studes was at the 3rd floor.. room 321.. it was pretty easy to find.. the room was large enough for us.. there was no electric fan..and the sun was at its peak.. the heat was so intense.. Then the proctor came and gave us instruction.. their chairs were cool… wooden chairs nailed together… i bet it was very easy to arrange the chairs in their room.. haha.. the test was fairly easy.. ahem.. the english was yeah.. easy.. the science was a bit confusing.. math was fairly okay.. haha… i just hope that we could raise the rank of our school.. oh well.. anyway.. 30 mins later.. the wind was breezing through the open window of the room.. it was windy… so that was why they don’t put electric fans there.. lol.. anyway.. the breeze was very cool.. and skirts were even threatening to praise Bernoulli.. lol.. good thing it kept itself down..

The happiest thing that happened to me this day was.. thanks to MAE!!! she lent me the book “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank.. I’ve been dying to read that book since 2nd year.. I have even memorized an excerpt of it.. here goes…

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

“It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals. It seems so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe in spite of everything that people are truly good at heart. It’s utterly impossible for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos, suffering and death. I see the world slowly transform into a wilderness, I hear the approaching thunder that one day will destroy us too, I feel the suffering of millions. And yet when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better. that this cruelty shall end-that peace and tranquility shall return once more..” The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Nice, huh?? it’s very inspiring.. Even though I had just started reading it.. I sense that it is a very good book..I ought to get a copy later on.. oh well.. anyway.. i wanna advertise.. “Who would be so kind as to give me books, good ones, even second hands.. I just want books.. I would really appreciate it.. hehe.. Thanks to my fairy godperson!!!”

You see, I am a bookworm.. i have started reading since i was about 3 years old. Reading is my ultimate hobby, pasttime, and life! Books are my life.. wow.. a book would have been proud of me. hehe.. for all these commendation..

Sometimes, I wish that if only I am rich.. I could have built my own library walled with books of all sorts.. Diba?? It would be fun.. just looking at it would really make me happy.. Kahit na I cannot read all of them lest i would have an eternal life.. diba? so eto.. hope you could give me books.. sponsors please.. hehehe..

Junior-Senior Promenade (Feb. 28, 2004)

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The JS Prom of Parañaque Science High School was definitely an experience.. It was a remarkable one for me and I can say the best.. I could say that for I only had one.. hehe.. But of course, there are more to come.. I know.. *wink wink*

A lot of things happened that would definitely make me cry, wince, smile, and laugh. Oh yeah.. I could say that.. hehehe.. Once again.. I would say that it was a good one.. The dance.. the place. the ambience.. very conducive to crying and well.. tripping with friends.. First of all, that prom took a lot of energy from the PTA officers of PSHS and the parents of the junior and senior students. It definitely took numerous PTA meetings.. whatever.. we don’t care as long as we can have a JS Prom.. whereveer.. whenever.. At first.. it was very sad.. We don’t wanna be with the junior studes. oh well.. we, seniors, want to have the night all for us.. hehe.. so why call it JS prom.. we might as well call it senior’s night.. right

But things took a turn.. and we are all very excited.. we got over the idea of not having the juniors with us. oh well.. we know that they don’t want us around, too.. same thing.. it was just selfish desires to have the best night for the whole batch.. anyway.. fast forward…

At the prom we were greeted by a lot of students in formal attire.. (Of course).. then we came to the staircase… haha.. it was carpeted.. (another of course).. the place was nice.. it looks grand… and neat.. Fair enough.. our room was at the end of the hall.. it was a big place.. really made for social parties.. so next came the registration.. it was already 7, i think.. and there are still a lot of missing schoolmates.. classmates as well.. My friends and I then situated ourselves with a table beside the stage.. soon.. the tables started filling up.. then it was time to start.. we started with a prayer.. then some opening remarks.. next .. eating time!!! yyeah. we got a little of almost everything.. we can’t get a small portion of everything for the plate was comparatively small for the amount of food..hehe.. anyway.. we wouldn’t want our tummys bulging with food.. right? so we got less.. anyway.. we were full. or so as some pretended. hehe.. then.. after that was the game.. called FUNNY BONE.. you know that? well. . twas a game where a couple would touch a part of one to a part of another person.. e.g. right hand on left shoulder.. nose on forehead.. that’s the game.. and guess who i was partnered with?? none other than Rhalph!! duh.. nothing could have made it bad.. hehe.. the night was fairly nice.. except that part.. in my pictures i would have looked like i have been robbed of every right to smile and cheer up. things weren’t going well for me and rhalph.. after all that has happened.. no.. i won’t let you see the pics.. no .. never.. just some good pics of me and my friends.. anyway.. we intentionally wronged a step so that we would be EXPELLED from that game.. well..that was the 2nd time i done it with him..the first one was during 1st year.. (don’t bring back memories..)..

Ok.. enough of that.. after that was the dances.. the songs.. i haven’t danced with every senior boy. that was okay. as if .. anway.. it was a nice experience to dance with my friends.. first dance. i thought i would not have that dance.. but i danced with jonathan and sweet.. a triple.. then jonathan left us.. oh. Sweet is very pretty.. and so thin.. wish i was thin like her.. hahaha.. anyway..2nd dance was with rhalph.the nerve.. okay… stop me.. i wont say more than that.. the next was a haze. a series of wild dances here and there.. tripping round.. doing wild dances.. haha.. those done by strip dancers.. (Joke!) well.. Ana did that.. hehe..she was the wildest of all.. and the oldest too.. lol.. certainly. that was a fun night.. nothing more could leave me with cherished moments. then i danced with a lot of guys and gals too. there are slow dances as well.. it was nice. sorry for the typos.. i was typing really fast.. hehe. but not that accurate.. oh well.. then the last 3 or 4 dances was for the seniors.. gosh.. my eyes were brimming with tears..oh my god. here i go again.. waaaahhh. . i m surely gonna miss my high school life.. you just have no idea how happy ive been during high school.. and here i have met my family.. the 3a family.. the best of friends.. the VISEC DAT MR JACKS T.. oh well.. nice one.. i wish i could have a lot of pics placed here.. but i cant.. its limited.. aww… anyway.. that’s all for now.. oh yeah.. the visecdatmrjackst was planning to go to malate after prom.. but unfortunately i was not allowed.. anyway.. at least i got a good sleep.. the prom ended at 12 exactly.. i could have asked for more. but i didnt.. hehe.. bitin.. so.. all for now..

I wish i could make a very good scrap book of the prom.. i wish…

P.S. Anyway.. for all of you wondering what VISEC DAT MR JACKS T means…

VVikka Angelica Villoso(Vikka)
INikki Tacata(Ike)
SSamantha Maita Ward(Sam)
EEdlin Angelie Soabas(Edz)
CCherry Anne Gesalta(Che)
DKristine Mae Radam(Demi)
AAprille Marie Esteban (Ate Apes)
TMaria Cristina Guiam(Tintin)
MJean Monique Sanchez(Monique)
RMario III Rosete (Rosete/ MR)
JIda Clariz Reyes(Jazsy)
AMaria Theresa Bumadilla (Alicks)
CLiezle Palabay(Cleo)
KMaria Theresa Estandian(Kimmy)
SVenez Angelica Elipse(Steph)
TJenny Castillo (Tricia)

EDIT: Pictures removed!

*See pictures here instead: 022804 Prom @

Just started…

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now.. who would have thought that i would start my own blog???!!! okay.. here i am.. i dont know.. its just that i just wanna keep my life eternalized.. well.. more like documented..

Isn’t it nice to let others peek a little in your life? well, i wouldn’t have started this online journal.. if not for owi and demi.. haha.. inspiration.. uy. oh well.. yesterday, i read owi’s blog.. and it’s like SSSOOOOO COOOLLL!! her blogs were so funnY! she has her own style.. oh well.. anyway.. demi taught me how to create my own account. and she recommended this site.. yyeah! she did..

So now.. what am i going to do here? i hope i could write here more often.. anyway.. this is just a start.. i got a lot of things to do.. especially now that graduation is near.. awww… graduation! m gonna be a college stud next school year.. awwww. Im gonna miss a lot of my friends! I would probably write more next time… M still thinking how I can manage to write several poems in a day.. there goes my trochaic, anapestic, dactylic, name, and pet name poem.. if ever you know that you can help me..please do.. please..m begging.. nah..thanks!