Just started…

[Original post from blossom_017 @ Tabulas.com.]

now.. who would have thought that i would start my own blog???!!! okay.. here i am.. i dont know.. its just that i just wanna keep my life eternalized.. well.. more like documented..

Isn’t it nice to let others peek a little in your life? well, i wouldn’t have started this online journal.. if not for owi and demi.. haha.. inspiration.. uy. oh well.. yesterday, i read owi’s blog.. and it’s like SSSOOOOO COOOLLL!! her blogs were so funnY! she has her own style.. oh well.. anyway.. demi taught me how to create my own account. and she recommended this site.. yyeah! she did..

So now.. what am i going to do here? i hope i could write here more often.. anyway.. this is just a start.. i got a lot of things to do.. especially now that graduation is near.. awww… graduation! m gonna be a college stud next school year.. awwww. Im gonna miss a lot of my friends! I would probably write more next time… M still thinking how I can manage to write several poems in a day.. there goes my trochaic, anapestic, dactylic, name, and pet name poem.. if ever you know that you can help me..please do.. please..m begging.. nah..thanks!


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