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oh my gosh!!! graduation will be on the 31st.. I could not believe this.. oh my gosh! My barkada and I would soon be apart.. Oh how I wish I could prolong time.. It would be so difficult to part ways.. The fact that we would all be going in different colleges makes me feel hopeless.. I just hope that we would still be friends.. Even though we would have our own circle in college… Graduation is fast approaching.. Our days our numbered.. I wanna share my pics.. the mementos of our happy moments together here… I want everyone to see the VISEC DAT MR JACKS T… Presenting.. Vikka, Nikki, Samantha, Edlin, Cherry Anne, Kristine Mae, Aprille, Tin, Monique, Mario, Ida, Theresa B, Liezle, Theresa E, Veah, and Jenny.. Some of them are not present in the pictures.. we haven’t had a whole picture as a group.. awww.. sad…. I just hope that we would soon have it.. Cheers!

EDIT: Pictures removed!

*See pictures here instead: Tropang Pauso @


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