A new day has come.. a boring one at that..

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*tititititieeetttt… titititititeeeet!!* *bang* there goes the alarm clock!! AND IT IS 4:45 IN THE MORNING! what the heck..to early.. especially when you know that you must get some sleep and that there would be just an ordinary day ahead of you..

So I banged my head and decided to be late for school.. nObody cares anyway.. I really don’t wanna go to school today.. i know there’s nothing in store for me this day.. so I went back to bed and sleep ’til I wake up.. I woke up at 8:30.. I decided to go to school at 10.. but then.. I asked my classmates what they were doing in school.. NOTHING!! they were just gambling there.. (ahem.. we are breeding future gamblers in PARSCI!!!) hehe.. no offense to those guilty of being accused.. hehe.. Since they were doing nothing, I decided not to go to school anymore.. They told me that they would call me when somebody would ask for me..

I was happy eating breakfast.. I cooked noodles just for that. OH.. how I love noodles!!! noodles!! I could eat noodles for a whole year straight.. !!! Then.. ring ring.. *shut up just shut up shut up.. shut up just shut up shut up* there goes my cell phone.. someone’s calling.. its.. Vikka.. oh well.. its nikki.. sir Dids is asking for me.. coz i have those 2×2 pictures with me.. kaasar.. so i have to go to school.. i was literally running.. just to go there fast.. but i dont have any money.. damn! my parents aren’t home.. we met later just for money.. buckets of sweat was pouring out of me.. you could squeeze me and my sweat would fill buckets and buckets.. cool huh? noh.. that’s how hot it is here in the Philippines.. i hate it when summer comes.. you could change shirts everyhour.. think about laundry… anyway.. when i got to school… i took a bow.. here i am.. i met sir dids and did what i have to do..

we were then asked to go to our room.. to sing??? ano pa ba.. our PSHS hymn.. this is how it goes..

Praise to you alma mater
Stronghold of our talents
Here we learn to strive for right
Sealing fame for your glorious high

Peace we bring to the future
Service we impart
Hoping and believing
Success lives in our hearts

Praise to you alma mater
Seat of wisdom and learning
How we raise our voices high
Parañaque Science High

(repeat 2 and 3)

that’s it.. very cool.. but it really is good.. especially the tune.. no joke…

anyway.. after that.. the choice of graduation songs.. (thinks… this day is really boring…)

after school.. my berks and I went to sm sucat.. san pa ba? anyway.. when we got there.. there were only three of us.. nikki, che, and I.. we went straight to mcdo.. to eat lunch.. then.. i told then the kwento about the bente thing… haha.. such fun.. gossip lang.. then.. we ate.. then up to check out what time the movie would start.. 50 First Dates.. 2:35.. we still got 45 minutes then to look around and wait for our kaberks..

(fast forward to the movie)

am not gonna continue with my boring day.. im just gonna tell you about the movie i saw.. 50 first dates

50 First Dates

am not gonna tell you the summary.. just what i think about it..

the movie was great!! it really is… at first i thought it would be just like any other romance comedy movies.. it is.. but it has a twist.. imagine a girl.. with a short-term memory loss.. everyday of her life, she thinks it was the day after the accident.. she wears the same thing, eats the same thing at the same place at the same time.. whatever happens on that day.. she would not remember.. adam sandler was such a nice guy to love that girl.. if i was a guy… maybe i wouldn’t have done that.. what would i do if a person doesn’t really know who i am.. everyday.. i would keep on winning her heart.. everyday of my life.. that was hard.. but adam did it!! i was really touched.. *as if i was drew there* i forgot their names..it was like lucy and harry or henry i think.. whatever.. such a nice movie.. awww.. and it was funny!!! there are goofy parts there.. romantic ones too.. some would make you cry.. almost.. but your tears would be held back by laughter.. hahahaa… so much for that..

I think i wanna watch THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST… but isn’t it gory?? full of gore?? i think it’s a good movie.. but when i saw the trailer.. all i saw was blood.. *think about that.. i wanna be a nurse..* lol.. but yeah… kinda freaky.. but that’s jesus christ.. i would probablywatch it anyway..

but the movie i really am waiting for is.. HARRY POTTER THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN.. i wanna see daniel radcliffe.. he is so cute.. certified BG.. hehe.. i also wanna have the 5 books of harry potter.. but it costs.. 4,950 bucks!! what the heck.. how would i get that much money??!!! damn!!!!!!!!


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