Sophie’s World.. starting up..

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Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder

Today.. I still haven’t got over the fact that I have no more cellphone.. But, I must accept it.. This is life.. now.. for me.. anyway, I started reading “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder today.. The first 2 questions are really startling.. and the mysterious way they showed up.. maybe, if I were sophie.. I wouldn’t have given a thought to those.. just kidding.. I would have like been swallowed up in the philosophical world.. duh.. after reading “The Da Vinci Code”, I wanted and wished to have read more mystery and crime books.. especially if it discusses real world controversies.. “Sophie’s World” is like.. about life’s mysteries.. oh well.. I ought to read more.. anyway.. the questions keep on bugging me.. “Who are you?” and “Where does the world come from?”.. who am i? I am jean Monique Sanchez.. anyway. How does one answer such question? Like . “Who are you?” tell me.. how do you answer that question when you are asked that.. should one just say like.. “I am (insert name), (age) yrs. Old.. (sex)..studying at (current school).. etc..” or should one say.. “I am (insert traits.. positive and negative.. ” I really have no idea.. and.. I don’t wanna be asked that question.. I have no idea how to properly and correctly answer that one.. ugghh..

The other question.. “Where does the world come from?”.. san nga ba?? In school..they teach us about the different theories how the earth, solar system, galaxy, universe was created.. but what is the real explanation for the formation of the world.. where did it come from? Huh??! Where?? Surely.. it must have come from something.. nothing in the world just pops up.. right? Ang mushroom may pinanggalingan din.. haay.. kabwisit na mga tanong.. duh.. tao.. san nanggaling ang tao?? Where did everything come from? Give me some answers..

Answer me..

Clear me..

Enlighten me..

@};- ^_^ 🙂

PS.. I must commend Jostein Gaarder for his work.. entertaining at mysterious.. exciting.. at maganda ang mga names ng lugar.. clover close.. hahha.. captain’s bend.. lol..

PPS.. additional pics..

EDIT: Pictures removed!


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2 thoughts on “Sophie’s World.. starting up..

  1. flute October 17, 2011 at 5:57 pm Reply

    One word: FAITH. go figure.

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