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haay.. bakit nga ba ganito??? ang sama sama ng pakiramdam ko… bakit…waahhh… a really bad thing happened to me.. NAWALA ang cell ko.. not actually nawala..more like stolen.. how could that happen to me?? waah.. ano na life k? being a cellphone addict.. waahh.. buti na lang walang galit sakin.. kaso they say.. na ang tanga tanga ko daw.. waah.. kasi naman ehh.. o well.. la na ko maggawa.. it was stolen yesterday..(april 12).. haay.. sana i have gained more wisdom para di na ako tnga.. lam mo ba yon? how it feels?? this is the 2nd time around.. oh well.. that’s a terribly expensive one pa naman.. waahh.. so ayon.. this is the story..

yesterday.. around 12:20 pm.. a guy.. wearing a green shirt.. a tall burly man.. with a long hair curled at the top.. entered the shop.. our shop.. magpapaprint daw sya.. so ayon.. i accepted his diskette.. without checking if it was broken or not.. so ayon.. i slipped the diskette inside the drive.. and proceeded to checking it for viruses.. fortunately.. NO VIRUS..but the diskette was damaged… but when I turned around to tell him that his diskette is damaged.. he was GONE.. with my cellphone.. wonder how he got it?? simple.. I was just finished having a phone conversation when he asked me to print his documents.. if ever there was really one.. anyway.. so i placed the cell on my desk.. my table.. being the super trusting person.. *which makes me really stupid*.. so he insisted that i check his diskette a lot of times.. and i said .yeah.. am already doing it.. and yeah.. it was damaged.. so there.. when i turned around.. he was gone.. i noticed that my phone was missing.. few minutes later.. oh.. what a fool am i!!.. duh.. i hate it.. when i trust people.. makes me feel stupid.. uggh….

so that was it.. anyway.. im just hoping that he would return it to me.. since it would really be useless to hm.. I had the phone blocked..and the sim disconnected..duh.. pipili na nga lang ng nanakawin..yong postpaid pa..haay.. stupid dn sya eh.. kaya yon.. ewan.. sana ibalik nya at makonsensya sya.. pag nakita ko yonn.. haay.. naku.. i have no idea kung ano gagawin or magagawa ko sa kanya.. syempre.. nireport na namn sa police.. pag naispatan sya.. huli sya.. haha.. haay.. hope we could catch the culprit.. parang justice na yon sa ibang nawalan ng cell.. haay.. wonder which is better.. having it LOST or STOLEN? anyway.. the result is the same naman.. fool.. kaya tuloy ngayon.. i really feel so down, upset.. and pathetic.. haay.. sana someone could make life better for me.. sana someone could make me feel better…

please GOD..

please help me..

😦 😦 😦

thank you.. @};-



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