Scholarship application day…

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today.. i rushed up the lacking documents for my scholarship application in up manila… those are the blah blah blahs.. okei.. so what? nothing.. this day is really boring.. nothing new… still no cellphone.. huhu.. 😦 oh well. twas my fault.. kasi m careless.. what should i do? still havent finished my sophie book.. damn.. i wish i have more time… more money.. haay.. i wanna watch BiG FISh kasi… recommended by jonah.. my dear friend.. haay.. sana my parents would allow me to go to batangas with my friends.. this is the Last time.. bago kami magpart ways for cOLLEGE… haay.. anyway.. tis reaLLy boring here.. (why the capitaL Ls?) because..the keyboards not working properLy. if its in Lowercase.. it would appear Like this: l€..badtrip.. imagine L with a euro sign.. eww.. gross.. so i have to make it big. damn.. missing my friends na… answer my frientest if you want.. remind me to add it in my Links.. yep! oh weLL.. gotta go now.. its weLL about our cLosing time.. nah… oh weLL.. gotta go.. (parang chat?) hehehe…


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