Friends.. here they come..

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this morning.. i woke up at 9.. haay.. i woke up feeling really bad.. coz.. i dreamt something really bad.. :scared: i dreamt that one of my friend was dead.. waah.. :hypno: :scared: and it was a real friend.. a part of the TROPANG PAUSO.. gosh.. i was really scared when i woke up.. it was a really WEIRD dream.. anywy..

as usual.. i hurriedly ate my breakfast.. and as soon as i am through.. i went straight to the showers. oh well.. then.. i dressed up.. (duh.. what else.. )

then.. i arrived here.. at G-Unit Net Cafe.. then.. i read THE BOOK.. SOPHIE’S WORLD.. :roy: (i’m nearly finished.. yipee!! *a sign of achievement..*) anyway.. i was terribly bored here.. until…

OKEI.. the arrival of my friends really put my boredom aside.. it was fun to get together again.. good thing they bothered to visit me.. thanks a lot.. if it was not for them.. i would have stayed as pacified as a doormat… :tongue:

so yon.. that was most of my day.. and here i am now.. sitting in front of one of our computers here.. typing simple incredible words to form an entry.. while chatting with my dear friend Kelly.. haay…

Currently listening to: Counter-Strike sounds…
Currently reading: Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder
Currently feeling: blank


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