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1. That sometimes it doesn’t really matter how a guy looks, it’s the vibes that matters.

2. That most of the time, girls can’t remember how a guy really looks like, just maybe his voice…or his eyes…or his smile.

3. That if you can make a girl laugh, you are “IN”. Girls would rather spend their time laughing and talking to an ugly guy than bear with a non-interesting, pea-brained, humorless Baldwin.

4. That guys and girls can be just FRIENDS and not necessarily MORE than that. Sometimes guys are perceived only as friends and unwelcome lovers.

5. That it’s not entirely easy for girls to reject guys.

6. And that it’s not the guy’s fault when he’srejected.

7. That when a girl says “NO”; by golly, she MEANS it!

8. That girls don’t really appreciate being called “babe” or “chio bu” or “chickababes” or “chicks” in their presence.

9. That it’s not the girl’s fault if she’s not automatically perfect – meaning, so what if she’s horizontally-challenged? READ: Fat!

10. That it’s a fact of life that guys mature three years behind girls (hey, girls DO mature faster than guys do!)

11. That most of the time (actually ALL the time), girls appreciate it when guys act like gentlemen – like the opening-of-the-car-doors kind (tama, tama)

12. That certain girls are acutely aware when guys are teasing each other about certain girls (especially when those ‘certain girls’ are right there).

13. That when guys act like gays (as in joke around), girls get chills down their spines even if it’s all fake.

14. That the smell of sweat and Polo Sport combined isn’t exactly considered “SEXY”

15. That it’s really impolite to stare at girls no matter how sexy or skinny the girl is (hey, you don’t see girls openly staring at guys! There is such a word as SUBTLE!)

16. That it doesn’t take 2 minutes for a girl to look beautiful – it takes a much longer period of time. (Admit it, don’t you think it’s worth the wait?)

17. That when girls act really bitchy, it’s just one of those days…like a specific period of time in a month or she doesn’t like u…

18. That when girls don’t say anything when they’re with guys, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know anything…or don’t LISTEN.

19. That when guys talk, girls listen; and when girls talk, they expect the same amount of interest and attention.

20. That if a guy can turn off their emotions like faucets, well…girls CAN’T!

21. That when guys say they’ll call, they’d better!

22. That tardiness doesn’t exactly make a good impression on girls.

23. That it’s impossible for girls to go to the ladies’ room alone; they have to go in little groups. (Now, don’t ask why…they just have to.)

24. That smoking is tolerable, but continuous smoke being blown in your face isn’t.

25. That guys dig their own graves when they make insensitive remarks about girls.

26. That when guys act like complete ‘assholes’, girls almost always end up forgiving them (it’s what you call ‘compassion’) But forgiveness isn’t easy you know, you have to go through that “down on bended knees” things.

27. That when girls text u sweet mushy quotes, they actually MEAN it.

28. That maybe it’s about time guys write something about the things they wish gals knew.


1. It doesn’t matter how expensive a present you get her, if she loves you, anything you give will be precious.

2. Women only go astray when they aren’t getting enough of what they need from the fella back home, on the other hand, men will go astray anyway…

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