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I startlingly awoke to the alarm of my father’s cellphone. My brother had it alarmed at 6 in the morning. What a great time to wake up on a vacation. He had it alarmed because today they will have the test to determine their standing during the summer classes. Anyway, after i woke up, i grudgingly patted and started shaking my brother to awoke him.

ME: Mikey, gising na! 6 am na!
MIKEY: Hmm… (still asleep)
ME: Mikey, gising na. Bahala ka. Di na kita gigisingin mamaya.
MIKEY: Hmm.. Gising na ko..

Then a second cellphone started to alarm. That was my sister’s. My brother had probably set it up to insure that he would wake in time. I woke up Mariah and said:

Me: Mariah, nagaalarm cell mo.
Mariah: Hmmm…
Me: Mariah…

Then Mariah woke up and turned it off. A few seconds later, Ate Hanny, our househelper, entered our room and said, “Mikey, gising na! 6 o’clock na!”…

And with that, Mikey sat upright and directly went out of the room. And that’s how my day started.

After insuring that Mikey was really awake, I returned back to bed and went back to bed. My dream continued.

Naayos na ni Kelly ang kanyang blog sa tabulas. Good thing. Tinawagan pa daw nya ko para lang balitaan non.. hehe.. baliw talga yon…

Ganito kasi yon.. Last night, I had a chat with kelly. Sa text lang.. He was asking me where to place the html script in the template page. I gave him the directions and he still could NOT get it. It was a very frustrating scene. And i went to bed wishing that he would be able to place the script wherever. Anyway, I dreamt that he had already scripted it and he was so glad. (I’m glad for him, too.) I just hope taht my dream would come true, for humanity’s sake.

I could not toss and turn. MY EAR ACHES. Rather, my pre-auricular sinus HURTS. It’s inflamed… Infected. It really hurts. I couldn’t sleep properly because of it. So i woke up again at 8 in the morning. Ate Hanny kindly woke me up. It’s because we have to open the shop early. So I ate my breakfast. I had one pandesal with liver spread. Yummy! and i had a cup of coffee, too. Then my parents woke up. They checked on my pre-auricular sinus and my father suggested that i shouldn’t go to the shop, today. I couldn’t work there today because this damn pre-auricular sinus is preventing me to. That was good, in a way, I need some rest. But, inside, my heart and mnd were protesting… noooo!!!! I must have a blog entry.. No! (During the past few days, I have been attempting to study HTML. So that I could make a TROPANG PAUSO website. I started by editing my tabulas… and i guess i’m learning something then.)

But then… my inner protest has no effect. I just went back to sleep until it was about 10. I feel and look GROGGY. In short, BANGAG. I haven’t even combed my hair. Nor have i brushed my teeth. I really feel BAD. Anyway, I sat at the sofa and turned to watching TV. Images flashed on the screen and I had a hard time registering it on my mind. the images were of the cartoon series SABRINA. I like that cartoon. But still, i like Lizzie McGuire better. After having watched it, I lied down on the sofa and started reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I finished the first chapter and would probably read the next one later. Then I grabbed the remote and looked up the schedule of movies in all the movie channels. No movie that I would want to watch. Then I flipped the channel to Starworld. Now, I gotta see this. American Idol. I haven’t watched this for a long time. Today’s episode was with celebrity guest Barry Manilow. The IDOLS were to sing his songs with their own version. (of course). And they did justice to his popular songs by singing it really great. My favorites there are: Jennifer Hudson, Jasmine Trias, La Toya London and Fantasia (i forgot her surname.) Anyway, I really admire the way they sing. And i hope i could sing like them. SOmeday.

Now, its time for lunch. And we had monggo. I like that viand. I even ate 2 servings. (is there a problem with me? i know a lot hate that food, but i really like it.. if my mom’s the cook.. 😛 ) Oh.. gosh.. I only have 2 servings when our viand is sinigang. I try to eat less. And i think i’ve done a good job.. coz since the summer vacation, i lost 6 pounds. good for me. Anyway, at 2 started to shower. (I’ll be having my xray later.. for UP enrolment.) I sat in “my throne” when Mariah called my name…

MARIAH: Ate Monique… (some unintelligible words followed)
ME: Ano??
ME(again): Ano? ano ba sinasabi mo? (then i opened the bathroom door.)
MARIAH: Ate Monique, ‘Ganda ng Pare Ko’ na…
ME: Ah…
MAMA: ‘Ganda ng Pare Ko’ na daw..
ME:Ah.. Mama.. dali.. watch it. baka andon si ****.

Then off she hurried to watch it after replying “okey”. I grabbed my towel and went out the showers. I gotta see if she’s there.. Haha.. (another conversation..) this took place when i was already at the living room..

ME: Ano, pinakita na?
MARIAH: di pa..
ME: fave ko jan si Sheira Mae Roque. (i don’t know if that’s her name.. basta it’s roque..)
MAMA: di naman maganda si ****.
ME: (nods in agreement) payat at matangkad.
MAMA: wala namang b**bs. At pangit pa magsmile. (while imitating how **** smiles.)
ME: (laughing inside) oo nga.. hehe…

Then i stood in front of the TV for a while clad only in a piece of towel. After a while of hunting her down on the screen, she CAN’T be found. I don’t knw what happened to her. hehe.. so i went back to the showers and took a bath. i came out and asked. “Pinakita ba?” and then mariah answered. “hindi eh.” I answered back, “lagi naman syang di pinapakita eh..” pOOr her.. i went to my room and began to get dressed…

and so I was ready to go and have my xray taken.. and hopefully my pre-auricular sinus would be taken care off, too. So my mom and i went to the shop to deliver there the food tht she would sell.. I went directly to the bathroom. (i left my toothbrush there..hehe.. and the onei had left at home was an old one.. and i dare not use it.. lol..) after brushing my teeth, i went out and my dada said that i would be accompanied by mommy.. aka… my grandma… kinda obnoxious.. i wouldn’t say anything about her.. i would sound really bad..anyway.. i had my xray and she accompanied me to the drug store. alas.. my “Thing” would be taker care of. It really hurts. So I got a text from my mother saying that i should go directly home coz she don’t wanna see my gradma’s face there.. (some family problem).. and here i am.. writing this entry in a real journal.. and hopefully i would get this copied in my tabulas account.. Hopefully, i could go there later…

hopefully.. as for now.. i gotta get some rest.. and probably read my book..

All for now.. KISSES…. :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :loveeyes:

P.S. I’ll be inserting an image of a pre-auricular sinus of another person.. In case, you would be wondering what a pre-auricular sinus looks like.. notice the thing i’ve encircle… i’ve labeled it for you..

Pre-Auricular Sinus

this is not me in the picture.. obviously, it’s a guy.. and he also got a pre-auricular sinus.. anywy.. imagine that being inflamed.. it gets large.. and that’s how i look today… ps..the left ear too..

Currently listening to: I love rock n roll by britney spears
Currently reading: One Hundred years of Solitude by G. G. Marquez
Currently feeling: punky


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