Quickie Update

Yesterday, I haven’t had the time to tell you about what I did.

Okay, yesterday, April 8, I went to Asia Pacific College. I was invited to watch a play there. Most of my high school friends are studying there and I think that was their project or maybe it was their Final exam.

Theresa E. told me that she’ll fetch me here at G-Unit Net Cafe. The said time was 3 pm. But of course, it was later than that. (peace!) She fetched me around 4:30 or 5. I can’t remember. Anyway, we went to SM Bicutan. Then from there we rode a bus to Magallanes. Then when we were there we somehow got lost. After hours of looking for the right transportation to take, we surrendered. We just waited for our other 2 friends, Ida and Theresa B. to arrive. Then, we rode a taxi that took us to Asia Pacific College. Well, taxi’s better than walking. LOL Good thing the play haven’t started yet. We took the elevator to the 12th floor. There was the auditorium there. Well, the play was OK. Not that good though. There were a lot of cuties though. Hahaha! After the play, we ate at Jollibee. Then, we went home after eating dinner. I think I’m getting used to commuting. Though I’m still a bit afraid, I think I can handle it. 😉

Okay, today I went out again! Yipee!

By the way, Happy Birthday, Aprille!

At 11 in the morning, Theresa E. texted me. Ike’s mom was rushed to the hospital. We planned to visit her and her mom. It was said that Ike’s mom was at the Chinese General Hospital. No, Ike’s not chinese. It’s just that her mom’s doctor is there.

Theresa E. and I planned to meet up at 2:30 in the afternoon at Multinational gate. She also spread the word to others. Rush meetings never ever work. LOL Many declined the invitation. They have other plans eh. But that’s ok. Anyway, good thing that Gian was free to accompany us. Theresa E. was still at SM Bicutan so she’ll just follow. My mom gave me the directions to go there. I had no idea where that hospital IS! Good thing my mom knows!

Ride the LRT (Baclaran to Blumentritt). Walk a bit then there’s the hospital.

That was all that I know. Good luck! We bought food for Ike and her family so that we could have something to give. Anyway, I, Gian and his friends arrived there around 4 pm. Good thing that Ike’s mom is okay now. She’s suffering from hemorrhoid. And it’s already a serious case. Her operation’s gonna be on Monday. That’s not sure yet. The first time Ike’s mom was hospitalized was like a few weeks ago. Her mom suffered from stroke. Ike’s family’s not well off. They’re having a hard time paying for bills. We, her friends, are there to help. 😉

Theresa E. arrived at the hospital around 6 pm. We just talked there. And of course, comforted Ike and her mom.

Theresa E. and I decided to leave the hospital around 8 pm. We did. We then went to Kikko’s house because it’s his 18th birthday. Kikko is Samantha’s boyfriend. Samantha’s one of the Tropang Pauso. Anyway, Thesa and I just ate there. LOL I was really FULL!!

By the way, Happy Birthday Kikko ni Sam!

I arrived here at the shop around 11 pm. 😉 Whew! It’s tiring going places. Hahaha!

It’s really a rare opportunity for me to go out, and so I grabbed the chance!

Anyway, I’m wearing size 25 jeans already. (This is my sister’s. Shh!) Did I lose weight or was this just an illusion? hahaha!

Also, I have my own number and cellphone now. My cellphone’s not the one that I was planning to have. Well, this is just temporary anyway. My mom bought this to help our maid’s friend. LOL And so I just bought a Globe simcard. 😉 PM me at my Y!M to get my number!

*sigh* I’m tired. I wanna sleep. I haven’t bloghopped for days! I’m missing out on a lot of entries. I still haven’t visited some of my forums. 😦 Wanna be my assistant? Another thing, I NEED to update music_html already. Who wants to be my assistant? I really need one. All he/she has to do is check my mail. LOL It’s music_html’s e-mail. It’s already FULL!

Darn, I have so much to do! I’m still gonna enroll for next school year. I’m back to school. Yipee!

Currently Listening: These Days by Bamboo


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