I went out again today. I left the house around 10 am. Then I went to Jollibee (in front of Multinational Village) to meet up with my friends.

Edlin and Paulo were already there! Next came Aljohani and then Theresa E. Aljohani treated us with the Coffee Jelly Ice Craze. It was SO yummy! I’m gonna buy that one next time I go to Jollibee.

Then, we left Jollibee around 11 am. Same route to Chinese General Hospital. Well, we ate lunch at Chowking first because we’re hungry. I didn’t finish my meal. I was too full to eat. I hadn’t eaten breakfast anyway.

After eating lunch, we went to the hospital. Sadly, Nikki wasn’t there. She went home. 😦 Then, Demi was already there but she was lost. So Theresa E. and I met her up at the entrance. We waited for Theresa B. to arrive too. Then we went back to the ward. We decided to go watch a movie instead. Gian with his friends was supposed to go to the hospital too. Unfortunately, they have a school project to work on.

EDIT: The operation for the removal of the hemorrhoids of Nikki’s mom was moved to Thursday. I wish it would be sooner so that the pain wouldn’t be too much of a trouble. Anyway, we’re gonna be back at the hospital again, I think. 😉 God Bless, Tita!

My friends and I decided to go to Robinson’s Place (Ermita) to watch Closer. Aljohani decided to go home already. (He has a date!)

Before we watched the movie, Demi ate lunch first. Theresa E. and I are taking pictures with Theresa B.’s phone. Damn. We had some good shots there. I just don’t know who to send it to. I don’t have any MMS phone.

After Demi ate lunch, we decided to go to the cinema. The movie would start at 3:20 pm. We have 20 minutes to burn. We decided to buy ice cream. We went to Jollibee but their Coffee Jelly Ice Craze was unavailable. Paulo and Edlin decided to eat at Greenwich. They won’t watch the movie with us. Anyway, the rest of us decided to head to Wendy’s. We just bought Frosty there. Then we headed back to the cinema.

When we got inside, the movie already started. 😦 We just missed a few minutes. The movie was great! Well, it would make you think, really.

Natalie Portman was soooo gorgeous!



Anyway, after the movie, we met up with Ida. Then we dropped by 7-11. I bought C2 again! It’s so yummy! Gotta love it!

We decided to take the bus instead of the LRT. Man, I got so dizzy there. 😦 Until now, my head’s still spinning.

My tummy’s aching. Too much food, I guess. I refused to eat dinner. My jeans would stretch to the limit. Hahaha!

Anyway, this is a note to all! I have no MMS phone. Stop sending MMS. ok? Another thing, I just ran out of load. This is the first time that this happened. 😦 Gotta get used to prepaid now. I’ll try to save my load. 😉

P.S. I wanna watch the Rivermaya Concert on April 16. Gel asked me to go to Shang on that day. Hm.. I might go to Shang if and only if Theresa E. would come with me. 😉

P.P.S. About the Tabulas Forum EB, I’m excited to see you guys! April 20, Megamall, right?

P.P.P.S. Nicole, Roxy and Bri: Let’s meet up too! Maybe April 15. Haha. or April 23.

I’m gonna be busy this April. 🙂


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