Late Night Fun

Last night, my parents, Mikey, and I went to 7-11 again. We ate out. Well, I ate little. 😉 My bro bought chocolates for me. Love you Mikey! 😀

Anyway, when we were on the way home, Torete by Moonstar 88 was on Repeat Play on our car stereo. Darn, I sang again. Hahaha! That songs brings back memories. Fun memories. *dreamy look*

When we got home, my bro and I wasn’t in the mood to sleep yet. I suggested that we watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. I already have Season 5. (yey! Thanks to Migz.) So there, that’s his way of making it up to me. 😛 But then, my brother doesn’t want to watch it. He wants to watch Scooby Doo 2. So I popped it into the DVD player but it WON’T work! So we had to resort to other movies. Here are the choices:

– South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

– Armageddon

– A Walk to Remember

I wanted the South Park but we’ve watched it a lot of times already. He wanted Armageddon but I said that it’s a long movie and it made me cry a lot. Hahaha! We then settled for A Walk to Remember.

I’ve watched A Walk to Remember for about 5 times already. It always makes me cry. Landon Carter was soooo sweet! I got mushy all over. LOL My brother might have been laughing at me for crying over movies. (Sorry Mikey, your Achi is a crybaby. :P) Anyway, good thing Mikey find the movie good too. He might be planning to do those sweet things to his future girlfriend. Hahaha! (Goodluck Shoti!)


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