A Different Kind of Sunday

I went to church today. And fortunately, there were no fainting spells this time.

I went to hear mass with Migz. He acted like a perfect gentleman. He’s a dear friend. He was chatting with me inside and then we stopped when the mass started. The homily was great today. It said, “You should not compare yourself to others because in the eyes of God you’re you and you’re unique.”

Haay.. Comparing yourself to another would beget self-pity. Of course there’s always someone better, so there’s no use comparing. You would just wallow with self-pity.

So after the mass, we went to his house. He invited me over for dinner. His whole family was there. And I was surprised coz they have a LOT of pets there. They have like more than 33 dogs with different breeds. The cats are not included in the 33. They have Persian cats (I would love to adopt that!), Siamese cats, Blue Russian cats and others. Regarding dogs, they have Afghan, Terrier, bulls, rottweiller, and other dogs. They’re really a lot! They also have fish and birds. They have a zoo-like 3rd floor. LOL

I ate a lot during dinner. Yikes! It was pasta. Darn, that’s my weakness. Pasta and barbecue for dinner. So yummy! After eating, he showed me some of his paintings / artworks. He’s so good!!! I was really impressed with his work. 😀 After that, he showed me all their collections. Darn, their family collects a lot. Starting from keychains, dogs, cats, birds, fish, audio cassettes, to dvds. They even have an LCD Projector! I was like in awe. I think I left my mouth gaping all the time. Hahaha! I was like a kid there in their entertainment room! They have loads of books and yes he lent me some of his Sidney Sheldon. I’m gonna borrow more later. Hahaha! They have a DVD collection arranged alphabetically. It’s organized now so it’s kinda easy to look for them. Darn, they haven’t even watched all of those. Next time, I’m gonna watch movies at their house. It’s great there. Wide full screen LCD. Lights off. Popcorn. Bean bags. Yippee! Great for a movie buff like me. Hahaha! I wish we had those kind of collections at home. Still, it was really great that he showed me their dvd and book collection.

Yes, I took home some. And that’s with permission.

His things that I have at home:

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Seasons 1 to 5 (DVD – TV Series)

Sex and the City Season 1 (DVD – TV Series)

My Sassy Girl (DVD – Movie)

Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood (DVD – Movie)

Alfie (DVD – Movie)

Before Sunset (DVD – Movie)

Mean Girls (DVD – Movie)

Meet the Fockers (DVD – Movie)

A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul (Book)

The Sky Is Falling by Sidney Sheldon (Book)

Morning, Noon, and Night by Sidney Sheldon (Book)

Anyway, thank you Migz.

Oh, another thing. I would like to thank Rean, Flo, and Chuchay for accompanying me tonight (at Y!M). You guys don’t know much it meant to me. 🙂 Thank you so much for being a true friend. 😉


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