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Yesterday, I left the house at exactly 9 am. Everyone was out of the house coz we all had our own appointments. The ride to LRT Baclaran was the worst! The jeeps weren’t moving at all. How could I forget that? Of course it was a Wednesday! Baclaran church would be so packed! So when the jeep arrived somewhere near the church. I just walked the extra meters (around 300 meters) to the LRT Station. I rode the LRT – Baclaran to EDSA. From there I transferred to MRT. Then I rode all the way to Ortigas.

I entered Powerbooks at Megamall panting like crazy. I was so tired and sweaty already because of the heat, traffic, and pollution. Anyway, I met up with Gel there. We watched Samara (Ring 2).

I think the movie isn’t that good. Well, it scary yeah. But then, it’s much like the first one. At least there were some issues resolved there.

After the movie, we ate lunch at McDo. Chicken Nuggets for lunch. I personally think that those nuggets look icky. Darn fast foods. 🙂 But still, it’s McDo and you guys know how I’m a McDo fan, right?

While at McDonalds, I texted the Tabulas Forums peeps and told them to arrive at the appointed place at the appointed time. Powerbooks 2 pm.

Well, Peejay and Willie were already there. Good thing that they’re not late. Hahaha! 🙂 Christen came minutes later. Jopay texted that she would be a bit late. CJ was there too. Jopay arrived around 3 pm. 🙂 So we guessed that there would be no one else to arrive so we headed out of Powerbooks.

We decided to hang out at the arcade. We played basketball, car racing, dance revolution, firing games (what do you call those games where you shoot with an imaginary gun? LOL). The Karaoke booth there was occupied so we went to Glico’s instead. There was an available booth and we rented it for 30 minutes! Each of us sang a song. 🙂 Christen was a good singer. Well, everyone of us are but Christen really stood out with her good voice. 🙂 We really had a great time there!

We then headed to Starbucks (4th floor) after Glico’s. We ordered and then we arranged the tables and chairs so that it would accommodate the 5 of us. By the way, Peejay went home early. 😦 He went home just after the Karaoke session. Anyway, it was really cold at Starbucks. We just had some chit chat there. I asked a friend of mine who was also there at SM Megamall to come meet me at Starbucks. Ross, my friend, almost got Willie’s drink. Hahaha! Well, I asked Ross to sit with us but he wouldn’t. He stayed outside and then after some time, I excused myself from the table and went outside to talk to Ross. I convinced him to go inside. He’s a tabulas member too anyway. Well, we all had some talks going on. It was really cool. Ross and I ran out of load so we went out to look for a Load Dealer. After that we went back to Starbucks and we all decided to call it a day. 🙂 We said our goodbyes and hope-to-see-you-soons. Willie and I were going the same route to LRT so we left Megamall together. Well, before that, Ross went to meet Rochelle first, we went to Seattle’s Best Coffee to meet them. Then we went to Starbucks again to use their bathroom. LOL

Then Ross showed us Rochelle’s dachshund that Ross will be taking care of for 3 to 4 weeks. After that Willie and I left Megamall. We were deciding which MRT station to take. Ortigas or Shaw. Ross suggested Shaw. Willie suggested Ortigas. Well, we can’t get to Ortigas because a path was blocked. And I was too tired to enter the mall again to cross the other building. We just took Shaw instead. It was a long walk. Darn, the stairs were scary there. I was already having a headache. So we rode the MRT and alighted at the Taft Station. From there we took our separate ways.

I took the LRT from Edsa/Taft instead of taking a jeep. It was easier and well, at least it’s airconditioned there. Then it took me a while to get a jeepney to Sucat road. All the jeeps were FULL. After about 30 minutes of walking AND waiting for an empty jeep, I got one. There was heavy traffic and all sorts of nuisance there. Darn. Anyway, I dropped by Jollibee and bought some dinner for my family.

I arrived at G-Unit Net Cafe around 8:30 pm already. I just told my mom about my day and then I went home. I was soooo tired! I just ate little dinner then I was in the mood to watch another movie. I watched Before Sunset. It was a short but inspiring movie. I’ve never seen anything like that movie. It was so simple, so short, so enticing too. I immediately slept after watching the movie.

Gawd, my body was aching for the bed. LOL Then, there were people still calling my cellphone even if I was already asleep. Honestly, I was pissed. Come on, it’s 10 or was it 11 pm and you’re still calling me? Darn! And it was because I didn’t reply to a message which was left unread for I was already sleeping! The nerve!

After I answered the calls, I switched the phone off and I went back to sleep. I woke around 7 am today. My body’s still aching and I have this headache. Argh. Anyway, I’m kinda in a ligher mood now. I guess I had so much FUN that I had a headache. LOL

I wonder how the other people I met yesterday are faring? I hope they’re fine and all. Good luck to those who had exams. 🙂


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