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Overnight at Jace’s

I spent last night at Jace’s house. Jace Hung is the owner of Hantei Shih Tzu. Well, she and Gel dropped by at G-Unit Net Cafe to give Lucius Japanese treats. 😀

Then, we went home to check up on Lucius. Jace was grooming him. (Thanks!) But there’s still a lot to be done so she invited me and Lucius to sleep over at her house. She asked for my mom’s permission and I was so glad that mom gave us her permission to sleep over.

We arrived at Jace’s house which is somewhere in Valenzuela and then we left Lucius there to be groomed and to be fed dinner. Then, Jace, Gel and I went to have dinner at Taste of L.A. Thanks Jace for the dinner. By the way, Gel’s allergic to seafood and chicken. And guess what he ate last night? Shrimp Tempura and Chicharong Bulaklak. The shrimp gave him allergies. LOL

After that, we dropped off Gel where he can conveniently look for a taxi. Then off we went back to Jace’s house. 😀 We planned to do a CSI: Miami Marathon but Jace was asleep within the first half of the first episode. Hahaha. I slept after the episode was through. LOL I was trying to wake up Jace so that she could turn the TV and the DVD off but she was sooo deep in slumber.

By the way, I am in love with her shih tzu, especially Louie!!! Louie, I miss you already. Peace. She has lovely shih tzu. (Yes, Shih Tzu is the same in singular and plural form.) Lucius and I had so much fun playing with Jace and her Shih Tzu. 😀

Anyway, thanks for everything Jace and Gel!

So… I took some pics after Jace dropped us off here at G-Unit Net Cafe early this morning. Here they are:

Lucius groomed and cleaned! 🙂

Lucius 10

Lucius with me and Trisha, my sister.

Lucius 11

Lucius 12

And, a solo pic of Lucius. Look how cute he is!!!


That’s all for now!


I lost my phone!

Yep. Blame it on Stupid and Careless Monique.

I lost my phone just minutes ago. Badtrip!

I was busy here with the shop and I was doing paperwork. There were lots of customers and my mind was in Neverland. 😦 I was so busy and stressed and I didn’t notice that I left my phone someplace. And when I was about to text someone, I was looking for it and I can’t find it nowhere.

So that’s the story.

I have bad luck with phones. I wish the person who got it would return it. It’s a low-tech phone and he still got interested with it. Damn him. I’m so swearing at him right now.

So guys, please leave your numbers again by making a comment, emailing me, or PM me at my Y!M (blossom_017). Thanks a lot.

“I told you so’s” won’t be helpful. Cheers. Piaw si.

I feel so bad right now. As PX said, “When it rains, it pours.” Darn.

It’s just sinking in…

I’m lonely…

Starting to feel really lonely.

I wonder how I can feel this way when I have so much people around me. People I know, people I don’t. People I care about, people I don’t.

There are so many things that are in my mind right now. I would just be glad if someone would offer hear me out.

After 3 days and counting, I still can’t believe how I’m not yet over you. How could I? You’ve meant sooo much to me than I ever thought. You’ve taught me things no one else could and would. You’ve helped me in more ways than anyone could think of, and for that “Thank You.”

But I know that you’re right, this change is for the better. I understand. I just want you to know how thankful I am. I’m so much grateful for everything.

I’m really gonna miss you. I am now, and I know that I will.

And this is probably the last time that I’ll say, “I love you.”

Fashion Tort

I’m a fan of BAYO. I’ve been buying stuff there for like years already. I buy from them for gifts. Plus, I love their bags, bikinis, and footwear.

But now look at this I just found out that they’ve been stealing foreign artists’ work to sell on their Kids of Bayo t-shirts!

BAYO Protest!

Imagine that! How awful.

It’s not just the T-shirts, they used it on shopping bags too!

Intellectual property is something that we must value. Intellectual property theft is a big problem in our country.

I can’t believe BAYO is profiting from someone else’s intellectual property! Hmp. I’ve been recommending BAYO to almost everyone and now this! How could BAYO do this? Could they not do anything original?

They’re abusive too since Emma, whose work was used, is Japanese and couldn’t understand English a lot. Tsk tsk. These Japanese illustrators are at a great disadvantage because they do not speak English very well and cannot stand up to the cruelly silent companies who violate their rights. BAYO thinks they could escape a legal settlement?

So let’s all help Emma and all those that are plagiarized.

By the way, here’s Emma’s response regarding this:

Subject: I’m EMMA

hello! I’m EMMA(illustrator)

I heard that my thing was a topic with your WEB, and came here.

BAYO is a really bad company.

I get angry very much, and then I am troubled.

I warned them. But, BAYO doesn’t do an apology to me.

They don’t reflect.

BAYO It will keep using my illustration surely.

Because it lives in Japan, I can’t confirm it.

If you see my illustration being used by BAYO. Won’t you report it to me? It asks for it. PLease!!

P.S I am not so good at English. I am sorry.

We should help!!!

[The following is verbatim from hellopanda_‘s LJ.]


1.) Be more informed. You can read more about this issue here and here.

2.) Make a post on your LJ/tabulas/blog whatever, you can even use the image I created (the src url is JUST SPREAD THE WORD! More people have to know about this, and BAYO should know that we know what is happening! They will not get away with what they did by just ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away!

3.) You can email BAYO at and tell them that we are not going to let our nationality and pride be dragged down because of their underhanded doings!

4.) Do not support the Kids of Bayo line. Would you really like to work hard on something, then have someone sell it in the middle of the night and make profit after profit? I don’t think so! Please don’t let them continue with their stealing. Every time you buy a Kids of Bayo shirt, you are telling BAYO it’s okay to steal!


Got this from Lourisse. Thanks.


Golden Rule

Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you.