An Awesome Wednesday

Yesterday, I woke up very early, around 5:30 am. I needed to go to UP Manila to submit my letter for readmission. It was a Wednesday and I’m trying to evade the traffic so I rode with Aprille and her family to UP Manila.

We left home around 6:30 and we arrived there an hour later. I went directly to the Pharm Building and I submitted my letter. I was waiting for Ms. Magas, the College Secretary, to arrive so that she could sign my letter.

While waiting for her, I texted Gel that I was already at UP Manila. We’re going to Pet City later so he’s gonna fetch me. He said that we should meet at 8 am. But lo and behold, he just woke up when I texted him and that was around 8 already! So much for punctuality.

Good thing I brought a book. John Grisham’s King of Torts. I’m already half-way through. Darn, I read so slow these days. Might be because of my busy schedule. LOL

Anyway, Prof. Magas arrived and I went to her room and told her about my letter. She then signed. Yay!!! I’m now ready to enroll.

I then asked for the pre-enlistment forms. I might have to late register for the subjects that I will be taking at CAS. That’s okay though. At least I get to study again at UP Manila. 🙂 Cheers!!!

After that, Gel was already around UP so I told him I’ll meet him wherever he is. LOL He was at 7-11 and I went there.

We then rode a taxi to Greenhills to meet up with Ross. Ross was at a PC Shop. His new CPU was shook during a taxi ride. Anyway, while waiting for it to be repaired, we had lunch at Gerry’s Grill. We had Sisig, Calamares, Chicharong Bulaklak, and another dish with Noodles. We had rice with that and for drinks, Gel had Coke, Ross had Rootbeer, and I had Iced Tea. The food was delish. LOL It was really fun to be with them. Surprisingly, we didn’t finish our food. We had the remaining packed in a doggie bag. After that we went to the PC Shop again and the pc is still not done so we roamed around and ended up at Starbucks. 😀 It was so nice to sit there and just chat and talk about things that matter and things that don’t. While there, Gel took pictures of me and Ross. I wonder why Gel and I don’t have a pic together. LOL

We went to the PC Shop again to get the CPU. It’s fixed. Yay! We then headed to Pet City. From Greenhills to Edsa cor. Quezon Ave. We talked with the owner there and had some business deals done. After that, we looked around Pet City. Pet City is a large pet sanctuary. Well, not actually all for pets coz they sell plants as well. Anyway, we called it a day and we rode in a taxi again. We said our goodbyes inside the taxi and they alighted me at the MRT station and I was off. Quezon Avenue to Taft is a long ride. 😦 LOL Some guys there were staring at me. I wonder why. I rubbed my face and I checked my hands if there was dirt on it. Nada. What were they staring? LOL I have no stains or whatsoever anyway. LOL When I was at EDSA cor. Taft Ave. I should’ve gone straight to riding the LRT to Baclaran but I wanted to look around the mall there. What was the name of the mall there, is it Metropoint? Whatever it is, I went inside and looked around. It’s my first time to roam around there. LOL I went to the supermarket there and bought some stuff for the house. And then, I went home. I took a jeep instead of the LRT, in an attempt to save fare. Wrong move. I should have taken the LRT instead. It was much faster and cooler. I arrived at Baclaran and the jeep was almost on a standstill. It wasn’t moving so I just got out and walked to where the jeeps to Sucat are. I rode an FX instead. What is 10 bucks anyway?! At least I feel much better inside an FX than inside a jeep.

I headed to G-Unit Net Cafe and went home at around 8 or 9 pm. I was really tired and my thighs and buttocks are sore. Wonder why. Too much walking or too much sitting? Whatever.

I actually wanted to watch DVDs before going to bed but the darned player won’t work properly. I read King of Torts instead till I fell asleep.

– – – – –

Ok, on Friday to Sunday, I’ll be gone. I’ll be attending a Youth For Christ Camp. The camp is an entrypoint so I need to go there. I’m going with Mariah and Mikey. Yay! I’m excited. Well, I wonder what we’re gonna do there anyway. I hope that I’ll be really having fun there.

– – – – –

I haven’t been bloghopping for a while. I’m going to, soon. I’ll just write some articles first.

– – – – –

Yahoo! already offers 1 GB of email space. That was 3 days ago, I think. Anyway, I started organizing my Yahoo! again. LOL I started with making groups at Yahoo! Address Book. Then, I organized my mail into folders. Darn, I think I have more than 15 folders. hahaha. See how OC I am? My cellphone messages are also organized into folders. hahaha. I’m still organizing my favorite PC. All my files are there and I wanted to really really organize it. I think I’m gonna burn some files because I’m in dire need of hard disk space.

Anyway, that’s all for now. 🙂

P.S. Happy Monthsary.

Currently Reading: King of Torts by John Grisham
Currently Listening: Leave by JoJo


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