Edlin’s Debut

Belated Happy 18th Birthday, Mommy Edz!

Edlin is my “mommy” in HS. She’s very sweet and emotional. πŸ˜€ She’s also pretty. She’s also happy in a relationship now with Paulo. Good for them! (I so envy these guys. They’re already 1 year and 4 months together!)

Anyway, the debut was held at Architectural Center Club, Inc. last night at 6 in the evening.

Aprille, Demi, Tin and I arrived there at aroudn 7:30. We’re late but half of the guest hadn’t arrived yet. I think the party started around 8 in the evening.

It was the first time that I wore slacks to an engagement. Anyway, the party started and the family were introduced. The last but not the least to be introduced was, of course, Edlin Angelie Soabas. She was a wearing a pink frilly floral gown. It looks good on her. Then she has a mini tiara on her head. πŸ˜€

After that, dinner was served. I ate a little of everything. πŸ˜€ I liked the pasta there. Oh so yummy black olives. It’s prolly Putanesca. I also like the buco pandan for dessert. Yummy.

Then, it was time to start the program. Danna was the opening prayer. 18 Roses. 18 Candles. 18 symbolic gifts. 18 tosses of wine.

I was a part of 18 candles. πŸ™‚ *sigh* wished her happiness and peace.

Anyway, the party ended at around 11:30 pm. Then there was some dancing afterward but I stayed on my seat because the colorful flashing lights of the disco lights was making me really dizzy.

Good thing that Demi’s there and she’s being fetched by her bro and mom. Aprille, Danna, and I rode with her. Got home around 12:30 am.

Thesa and the others went to Libis to party but I really wanted to go home early so I skipped it. I’m a good girl. No more late night parties. Hehe.

I’m not in the mood to write but I must write these. And so I did.

I’m gonna write a better one next time. See ya!

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