Fantasia’s Luscious Lucius Homecoming

Yesterday, May 19, at around 8:20 pm PAL Flight 814 landed at NAIA. My dad inquired where and how to pick up a cargo.

My dad was the one to accompany me to the airport since he works in the airport. Therefore, we’re given restricted passes. And of course, special attention. Hahaha!

We arrived at the International Cargo Terminal at around 9 pm since we dropped by first at the house to pick up my dad’s ID. 😛 Anyway, picking up Lucius is very easy. Everyone there was nice and I got him in less than 15 minutes. No more waiting time, as what was expected. 😀

We were also home by 9:30 pm. Actually, I asked my dad to drop by at the shop first. My cellphone ran out of load and battery and I need to contact Cheryll, Gerard, Gel, Ross, and the others as to Lucius’ condition.

Lucius pooped inside the carrier, and he peed too! So I cleaned him first. Gave him a warm bath and dried him up with a towel. He’s kinda shivering at first, since the room was airconditioned. I was already chatting with a lot of people.

Anyway, I would really like to thank Ms. Cheryll Limso of Fantasia Shih Tzu for the wonderful Fantasia’s Luscious Lucius and for all the wonderful tips. Thank you also to Gerard Catedrill for telling me how to pick up Lucius at the airport. Last but not the least, thank you to Engel Marx Mariñas for everything. 😀

Ok, back to the story. We went home around 12 midnight! When I arrived there my siblings woke up and Lucius became really playful and naughty. He was so adorable. He’s small and when he walks/runs he wriggles. Hahaha! His tail’s wagging too! By that time, he was already eating and drinking. Whew! My family bonded with him till 1:30 am. Then we’re off to bed. He slept in my room and I don’t think he slept at all. He might be up all night. Anyway, his food and water were available and he ate them. Coz I woke up at around 3:30 am and he ate half of what I left him last night. Good Lucius! I’m so glad he’s appetite is good.

I played with him till 4 am and I went back to sleep. I actually couldn’t sleep well coz something was disturbing me. [I received a text message with the most disturbing message of all.] Anyway, I woke up at around 6 or 7 am and we’re all playing with Lucius. 😀 I gave him breakfast. Dog food mixed with beef. He LOVES viands! He finished everything I gave him and that was half a bowl, I think.

Lucius LOVES meat. Lucius LOVES curling up in corners. Lucius LOVES his plushie. Lucius LOVES my family. Lucius LOVES me. And WE ALL LOVE HIM. 😀

Ok, here are pictures now.

These are his pictures when he’s still with Ms. Cheryll. He’s really small and so cute! When he lies down he’s like a rug. LOL

Lucius 01

Lucius 02

Here’s Ms. Cheryll with Lucius.

Lucius 03

Lucius 04

Lucius 05

And these are my pics with him!

Lucius 06

Lucius 07

Lucius 08

Lucius 09

Isn’t he lovely?!


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