I lost my phone!

Yep. Blame it on Stupid and Careless Monique.

I lost my phone just minutes ago. Badtrip!

I was busy here with the shop and I was doing paperwork. There were lots of customers and my mind was in Neverland. 😦 I was so busy and stressed and I didn’t notice that I left my phone someplace. And when I was about to text someone, I was looking for it and I can’t find it nowhere.

So that’s the story.

I have bad luck with phones. I wish the person who got it would return it. It’s a low-tech phone and he still got interested with it. Damn him. I’m so swearing at him right now.

So guys, please leave your numbers again by making a comment, emailing me, or PM me at my Y!M (blossom_017). Thanks a lot.

“I told you so’s” won’t be helpful. Cheers. Piaw si.

I feel so bad right now. As PX said, “When it rains, it pours.” Darn.


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