Almost Back to School

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging and bloghopping much. I’ve been terribly busy these past few days. I haven’t even time to read all my emails!!!

Anyway, I would just like to update on things.

Lucius got sick. 😦 He had gastroenteritis. I rushed him to the vet last June 1 because he had been vomiting a lot. His poop was also watery and had some trace of blood. I panicked, really. So I rushed him to the vet and he told me that Lucius had gastroenteritis. So the vet prescribed an antibiotic and a rehydration solution for Lucius. Poor baby. 😦 On that same day, I started him on Cherifer, a food supplement. It’s actually for humans, but it also works well on puppies. Anyway, Lucius is now feeling great! I gave him a bath this morning. (At last!) LOL He now also has a GOOD appetite! He’s lively and he’s soooo naughty now. Haha. I love him so much! I’m so glad that he’s already feeling well. I’m gonna lessen our trips together though. The vet discouraged me to bring him to gatherings because he’s still not finished with the 5 in 1 shots. Oh well. Better be safe than sorry. 😉

Another thing, tomorrow’s my enrollment. Yay! I’m going back to UP Manila!!! I’m so excited to see all of my friends there again. Hehehe. Schools gonna start on June 7, though. Why just enrolling tomorrow? That’s the sched for old returning students. I have to go there early though to get ahead of everyone!

I’m also dumped with paperwork. I have to deal with a lot of records. Mind you, I’ve been stalling them for a while so here they come attacking me. Hahaha. I’m really not stalling those paperwork just because I don’t want to do it. It’s just that I’m busy with other things.

And that other things, mainly compose of PPC. I’ve been so busy with that! I’ve been an active poster in the forums. Hahaha. I’m the TOP POSTER actually. I’m also busy attending gatherings, shows, and other PPC-related events. Whew! Sounds like a lot no? LOL

By the way, my article entitled PPC: An Online Pet Haven got published in the Mabuhay News under Ria Pavia’s Bits and Bobs column. Thank you so much Chuchay for publishing my work. It means a lot to me and to PPC. 😀 *hugs*

Ok, that’s all for now. See ya’ll guys soon! Mwahugs!

P.S. I also got my hair cut. 😀 I now have bangs (again) and I sport a shorter hair. From waist-long hair to mid-length hair. 😀 I’m gonna try to post a pic though. See ya!


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