I’m Enrolled!!!

Yes! At last!!! 😛

I’m just so happy now that I’m officially enrolled in UP Manila. That’s after 1 week and a half of checking my status at the OCS windows of CSA, checking the number of available slots and praying that my desired subjects would still have a slot for me, lining up at different windows just to get the desired form, applying for additional slots, and lastly, paying for my tuition fee.

Yey! I’m a 1st year regular student. Yipee!!!

Cheers to everyone!

Darn… I feel so tired today. It’s been raining all day and I’ve been walking all day too! My pants are totally wet from the rain. Argh.

I was at UP Manila at 6:30 am and I left there at around 5 pm. *sigh* At least, starting tomorrow, I won’t be lining up at the OCS window and I already have a class schedule!!! 🙂


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