Starting Life in UP Manila

People say UP that UP gives the hardest admission test. True. But once you pass it, you’ll realize that getting into UP is the easiest part of college life in the said university.

Once you passed and enrolled in UP, you must be prepared for a work-loaded and stressful college life. Being in UP is not easy. You’re lucky if your schedule is half-day. In my case, I stay in UP Manila the whole day.

My class starts at 8:30 am on every weekday except Wednesday, when it’s 7:00 am. And my class ends, the latest being at 4:00 pm. There’s an hour and a half lunch break, and sometimes it’s not enough.

I’ve been in UP Manila for less than 2 months last year — that was before I got sick — and to think, I should have been more or less acquainted with the system. NOT! I’m still getting used to it, again.

Oh well, I’m a FREE student here. No blockmates to crowd the halls with and to eat lunch with. Good thing I’ve made a few friends already so I have someone I walk and eat lunch with everyday.

Classes are fine anyway. I love Comm 1. It has always been my favorite subject anyway. Some of my classes are already deep in the lecture, some gave quizzes already, some are just starting.

I’m also trying to join different organizations. Please do pray that I get into Manila Collegian. I’m gonna schedule my admission test there on Saturday, 9-12 am. I’ve been invited by various sororities but I doubt if I’ll join. Maybe if I see that they have a good cause then I’ll probably join. But if I see that they’re just one of the no-good ones then I’ll dismiss the thought of joining IMMEDIATELY. If I get into Manila Collegian, I’ll probably be the happiest staffer there. 🙂 I’m applying for a news writer position and I do hope I get in.

Sigh. I sleep late — around 12 midnight to 1 am — and I wake up at 5 am everyday. Well, at least I’m reminded myself that I need to buy vitamins.

Oh, another thing, I saw ~cpamz in Robinson’s Place yesterday. She’s really a pretty fashionista! 🙂 I hope I get to meet more Tabulas users!!!

Anyway, just wanna apologize to those blogs that I haven’t visited for a long time already. Don’t worry, you’ll hear from me soon. And when you do, be prepared! 😛

See ya guys!


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