My Mommy Chuchay

I love my Mommy Chuchay!

Chuchay has been my friend since last year. You might want to ask how we exactly met? I guess we could say that she found me. I remember her placing a tag on my then tagboard asking help for her blog layout. Since I was offering my free service that time, I tagged back at her and that was the start of our friendship. She asked me to make a layout featuring Top Suzara of Freestyle. Since then, we’ve been constantly chatting on the net and she even started calling me on the phone. I was so shocked and honored then when she opened up herself to me, and yes, I was so willing to accept her as my friend. We treat each other as bestfriends; that is, together with Rizzie.

Over time, we’ve been always in touch with each other. It was hard then since I didn’t have my own cellphone. Anyway, we talk via Y!M, email, and landline. I really value our friendship. I run to her for advices about love, friendship, work, school, and other stuff. She was like a big sister to me and me like her little sister. That’s when she started calling me “shobe” and me calling her “achee”. We’ve been calling each other that for weeks when I was introduced to her “Mommy” Aelainee. I can’t recall what exactly brought Chuchay to call me her “anak.” It was fine by me, it was really great. She’s actually younger than me (by 2 years) yet she’s my “mommy.”

Anyway, I just want to thank God for bringing her to my life. My world was brighter when she entered. She was like the “angel” that she is. Thank you Mommy Chuchay for being a good mom to me. *wink* We’ve been together through good times and bad. And though we still haven’t met in person, it’s like we’ve known each other for years. I’m just thankful that you’re there for me, always. And remember, I’m here for you too. Love you lots!


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