Interview Me

1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions.
3. Post the answers to the questions on your Tabulas/LJ/Xanga/Blogger or any other blog host.
4. Include this explanation.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, ask five questions.

From Chuchay:

1. What do you think makes you unique?

I think it’s my patience. It’s because it would take a lot of effort to really make me mad. So if you want me to get mad at you for a simple thing, then sorry, you’re efforts will be in vain. 😛 Or maybe my ambition, I’ve been told that I’m unlike most teenagers because they see that I have a cause for life. They see me around pets, helping others, doing web designs and other stuff that are unlike what other teenagers do — chatting, texting, gimmicking, etc.

2. Who is the most influential person for you? Why?

Hm… There are a lot of influential persons for me… First person that came to my mind is Confucius. 🙂 I live by some of his philosophies and he really IS influential — in a very good way.

3. Do you think Tweety Bird and Winnie the Pooh are gay?

Now that’s a funny question! I don’t think so. 😛

4. What do you prioritize the most? And would you you go out of your way to meet that priority?

Right now, the #1 in my priority list is my acads. (That’s academics for you guys.) I’ve been out of school for a year so I really need to catch up on my acads. *wink* And yes, I would go out of my way just to excel in my acads. What I mean is, I’ll do everything possible — in a legal and honorable way — just to excel in this field.

5. How would you define love?

Whenever asked, I say this… “Love is like an uncut diamond. One false stroke and it can shatter into fragments. And all that remains is a scatter of tears.” I got that from a Mills & Boons book. 🙂


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