An hour and a half at Taft Ave.

Yesterday, I had the misfortune, rather, the pleasure, of spending an hour and a half at Taft Avenue. I was assigned by Claire, the News Editor of The Manila Collegian, to cover the Youth DARE Walk-Out/Human Chain at Philippine Christian University. Nery, another writer for MKule, was asked to accompany me.

Nery and I arrived there at around 4:45 in the afternoon, we met Gia and this other girl of Anakbayan, I think. We were there to cover the event and, of course, write about it.

The event was covered by ABS-CBN and GMA too. If you weren’t watching the news, you would think, “Too bad. I missed seeing Monique on TV.” But you should be thankful coz you missed nothing. LOL Why? I’m a low-profile person so I kept myself behind the camera. Hahaha.

I have an amusing and annoying story to tell. There was this guy, who I think was from PCU, who kept on asking people really weird stuff. First, Nery and I saw him talking to a reporter of GMA. We thought that he was also a writer for a school paper. He then went to our group then asked each of our names and from what school we were. When everyone was introduced, including I, he shot this shocking question at me: “Are you alone?” I don’t know what his definition of alone was. I couldn’t be “alone” because I’m surrounded by my colleagues. I answered, “Huh?” He then answered back, “Are you single?” Woah. Now that’s extreme. What is this guy doing in Taft Ave. asking a girl like me if I’m “alone”? We then ignored him after that. I thought that was the end of him. Wrong. He came back inquiring about personal info this time. Freaky. I pretended that I was writing something, in short, I snobbed him. Call me bad, but he’s rude.

Anyway, I don’t think I’d want to stay there at Taft again. People are touching me there… holding my hand… caressing my arms… etc. It’s freaky. It’s like you’re being harrassed and you’re not even aware of it. Oh well, I might just be exaggerating, my bad.

Anyway, the activity was stressful for there were a lot of noise, pollution, smoke, etc. Plus, we had to run from one end to another just to interview representatives of different orgs. That’s part of the job and I loved that part. 😀 Aside from writing, walking is one of my favorite things to do. Let’s just say that it’s part of my daily exercise. LOL

Oh well… that’s most of what happened yesterday. Was really tired by the end of the day. 😦

By the way, wanna know what made me feel less bored while waiting for the Human Chain to start? It was chatting with the cameramen and with Nery. Plus, I met lots of new people there so having small talks kept me sane. LOL

Hopefully, I’d get to write again at my blog more often. Help me find time. 😛

I haven’t had dinner yet and I’m hungry. Hahaha.

See ya guys! Mwah!


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