This week had been very toxic for me. (Actually, the following week would be too.) Acad Exams, Manila Collegian activities, and everything else kept me really busy.

Want to know what I really want right now?

Sleep beside my love.

That’s all and I’m happy already. I just want to detoxify… Hopefully, I could detoxify soon after the exams. Darn. I sooo want to rest for a whole day! Save me, you guys. Where are you when I need you? (Heck, how dramatic.)

Anyhoo, just wanna tell you guys that I’m still alive. (As if you all care.) Hahaha.

I want to sleep. Imma post a really good entry when I have time. So sorry for not being active in Tabulas. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you guys ASAP.

Love ya guys. Mwah!


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