Lucius is in Gel’s house!

I just lent Gel my dog. Hehe.

Well, I let him take care of Lucius for a few days because I’m gonna be toxic this week and it’s better off that he take care of him for me… At least I wouldn’t worry much about Lucius because I know Gel would take care of him really well. Diba? (Bottom line: I expect hourly reports. LOL)

Gel, that’s my baby. You take care of him. 😛

Gahd. I miss him already. I hope he’s doing fine and adjusting well.

I’m gonna miss him… 😀

By the way, I’ll post his pictures (when he was 3 months then) soon.

I hope Kuya Mon and Gel would take pictures of Lucius. Hehehe.

Wee… I’m excited to see Lucius again.


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