I am…

not hungry anymore. Though I haven’t eaten anything for 1 whole day straight, I realized that not eating anything wouldn’t do me any good. I really had no appetite then but after the weight training we had at PE, I became hungry.

hating Y!M. I can’t log in for like minutes already. Been trying and trying and to no avail.

expecting my muscles to be really sore tomorrow but I hope they won’t be. The weight training we had this morning during PE really made me sweat off. (And made me dizzy too…)

still thinking of a good angle for the news story am writing.


feeling bad.

feeling a bit better now although I was really sick last night.

depressed but I got my parents to help me get over depression.

wondering why words travel so fast.

not okay.

not really mad at you. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I just need space. I can’t talk much right now.

sad because I have no load ALL DAY.

not going to check my Friendster anytime soon.


praying for an ice cream to appear before my eyes. Anyway, a pizza would do.

wishing that you visit me sometime at home. I just want to introduce you to my parents. I just want them to know that there must be something in you that I loved. Teehee. They want to meet you, in short. (I know we’re not together anymore. Still…)

thinking out loud.

so ironical and sarcastic at times. I think my classmate loves my sarcasm.

know a secret.

still cursing at Y!M.

not fearing touch. I fear being let go.

squirming at home because there are mice. 😦 And we caught a lot of them…

wishing you’d save me from misery.

still waiting for you to visit me at home.

laughing right now because I remember how embarrassed I am most of the time. I usually trip in front of cute guys. And it’s not even funny! (Wrong timing.)

hoping that I’ll learn from my mistakes.

still grounded for being a bad girl. (No cellphone, no Y!M, not even internet… I just got away with this… shhh.)


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