I’m gonna have an operation again (?)

You read that right. And I’m quite mortified.

NO! I don’t want another operation. But, for my sake and for humanity’s as well, I will have another operation.

Turns out that my pre-auricular sinus tract at my right ear wasn’t completely removed. So an infection recurred.

Last Tuesday, I had the chance to go to the OPD of PGH and I had my ears checked. They referred me to the Emergency Ward, which was a long way from OPD. Anyway, they performed an I&D on me (I&D means Incision and Drainage.) and it was really painful! They made an incision on the infected area, and they drained out the abscess. Gahd, I was crying in so much pain. And I was ALONE! How I wish I had someone with me (so that I could bite his hand to relieve my pain.) Hahaha.

Anyway, after a few minutes (which seemed like hours), the procedure was done. The doctor then prescribed another antibiotic. Yes, I’m taking two antibiotics now. He also prescribed a stronger pain reliever but I deemed it unnecessary to take it now coz I’m not experiencing any kind of MAJOR and INTOLERABLE pain anyway. 😛

I’ll pay the doctor another visit when I finish taking my antibiotics. Oh gahd. I feel sooo… drug dependent. 😦


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