Back From Corregidor

Yesterday, I went to Corregidor Island! It was an Educational Trip for History 1 (Philippine History). It was really fun!

By 7am I was already at the CCP Bay Terminal. Twas a good thing that my dad gave me a ride to CCP. Although I left the car coz it was really traffic and I need to be there by 7. By 8 am we left the CCP shores. Hehehe. The ride to Corregidor was a bumpy one. There were big waves since we’re traveling against the hanging habagat. An hour and a half later, we’re already on Corregidor soil. I was traveling with the Occupational Therapy block. With us were Biochemisty and Behavioral Sciences.

Anyway, the Corregidor Island was shaped like a tadpole. From morning til noon, we toured around the Island. We went around several Batteries, battered buildings, memorials, souvenir shops, etc. There was also a hotel and a beach resort.

The tour was great! Twas uber fun… the only sad part is that it was raining so hard! 😦

Anyway, I do hope that I get to visit that Island again.

By 1 in the afternoon, we headed to the Beach Resort for buffet lunch. The carbonara was great! (I had 2nd helpings. Shhh…)

After that, we’re left alone up till 2 pm when the bus picked us up. We left Corregidor by 2:15 and we arrived back to Manila by 3:30pm.

*sigh* I’m really tired from the trip. Sooo… exhausted.

I actually have a Departmental Exam tomorrow on Math 17. And I haven’t studied yet! 😦

By the way, I’m quite excited because my first article for Manila Collegian would be published this week or the next.

Oh, another thing, I hope you bought the August Issue of Animal Scene. My article is on page 36. It’s entitled Dog Whisperer in Eastwood.

Ta-ta for now!

P.S. I will post pics when I get them. *wink*


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