Written by Unknown

There is something inside me
Something dark and hidden
I dare not say to anyone
Lest everyone will know

There is more of insecurity
Than hate, or love, our lust
What am I to do
When my world is falling apart

I envy people who are being listened to
Coz every time I speak
Nobody cares to hear
My feelings kept inside

Is there a matter with me
Everyday of my life I feel pain
Is this my destiny
To be hurt?

There comes a time
When this feeling’s flown
That everyone will see
That I am a tigress for real

I kept all my feelings
Everything I feel
Never told anyone
What I really feel

I know that it’s wrong
To keep things inside
But when I think of it
I just shrug it off

There is nothing more I want
Than to be seen and known
Not just a mere human being
But simply known as ME

Why is it that other people
Are better than me
Everybody adores
All but ME.


This is a poem I wrote when I was in highschool. I think it was 2nd year or 3rd year. Anyway, I wrote this during the lowest point of my life. Fortunately, it never happened again. I just posted this poem so I could look back on how foolish I seemed back then. I also want to thank my friends for loving me… the way I am.


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