Above Me

Lord, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.

Yes, I have been thinking a lot lately. I am mostly confused though.

But I have a surprise for you. And you will get it before I die. Or before you do. Whichever comes first. Surely I want you to know how I have been feeling all this time.

Anyway, sembreak started last October 1 and as you people might have guessed, I’m still busy as hell! hahaha!

I’m not complaining though. I prefer to be busy than to be idle. For the idle mind is the devil’s lair.

Last October 5, I took the final exam in History 1 (Philippine History) though I was exempted. Who knows, it might lift my grades. It was an essay type of exam with 2 questions worth 50 points each. It was fairly easy. *wink*

The next day, I was about to take the final exam in Botany 11 (General Botany for Pharmacy Students). Fortunately, I was exempted! πŸ™‚ That was a great thing coz I never want to take the finals anyway! It’s gonna be as hard as hell. LOL

At around 10 am, I went to World Trade Center Metro Manila. I was invited by Kuya Raymond of Agri-Aqua Network International (AANI) to visit their booth during the 12th AGRILINK/FOODLINK 2005. It was fun though. πŸ™‚ The last time I went to WTCMM was during a Food Fair. Or was it during a Christmas bazaar? Am not sure which but I was glad to be there. I learned a lot though. It was nice there though there were still a few people (compared to the lot when it’s Christmas) because it’s still the first day of the exhibit.

Anyway, Kuya Raymond showed me around. There were a lot of booths (of course) but I forgot the lot. Hahaha! I could just remember this big pig mascot. He’s sooo big. LOL Thinking about it, I should’ve taken my picture with him. Hahaha!

The next day, I took the final exam in Math 17 (College Algebra and Trigonometry). I was so glad that it was over! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Still, I’m glad that it’s all over!

I still have a final exam to take in Comm 1. There’s no way of getting exempted there. *sigh* Anyway, that will be this coming Thursday. πŸ˜›

I attended YFC meeting again yesterday! But yesterday morning, I went to UP Diliman with my brother for the Fun Run. Well, that was a special kind of Fun Run. Hahaha. I wasn’t able to attend the UP Fun Run because I got sick that day. So I, together with my classmates who weren’t able to attend as well, asked our Prof for a special activity. And that was it.

My brother and I ran around the Academic Oval TWICE. And we did that in 40 minutes. Fast, huh? πŸ˜› Well, we got around the fastest. And yes, I have asthma. You can just imagine how I was wheezing my way through it all. My brother and I enjoyed it.

On our way home, we had a problem. MRT broke down!!! It was the most exasperating moment. We had to go home fast because we still have to attend a YFC meeting later at 2 in the afternoon. And it was around 10:30. Since MRT broke down, we had to take an alternate route. A much longer and a much more expensive one!!! Darn.

I’d be hell glad if I have a car… Or a driver. But I could only surmise.

Well, we got home at around 1 pm when we could’ve been home an hour and a half earlier! MRT, you should pay! LOL I was quite pissed at MRT for taking such a bad time to break down. ^_^

YFC was fun! I attended the youth mass at 7 in the evening. Twas great. It was my first to attend and the people were but few. After the mass, there was a seminar called LOVESTRUCK. It was a talk on love and courtship and the speakers were a couple who were to celebrate their 1st year anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend today!

Personally, I’d rather the speakers were a couple for a much longer time. I know you would think that too. But if you heard them talk, oh my! You would think they’ve been together for at least 5 years. Well, I just hope that they stay a couple forever. They look cute together! ^_^

And I have another SECRET site. ^_^ I’ll only give the URL to those who ask for it. Hehehe. And only to those who I think are worthy. LOL

– – – – –

And almost an hour ago. I did a stupid thing which I am now remorseful of. I took out my anger on the wrong person. Darn. And yeah, I made a fool of myself. I don’t know why I’m even blogging about this. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. Or maybe I’m under the Imperiatus Curse. LOL

By the way, I want to greet a belated Happy Birthday to my dear friend Katrina. It was her birthday yesterday! πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday my pretty friend! And I hope that you and AJ will be happy together… ever after. πŸ˜› Mwah!


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