Pachelbel’s Canon

I heard this song years ago…

Yet, when I heard it playing on My Sassy Girl, my gawd, I lurved it to death!

Oh yes, I’m raving about it!

I even asked friends of mine to play it for me. Hahaha. If only I could play the piano, I will play it over and over again. But now, playing it nonstop on Winamp would suffice. *grins*

I ❤ Pachelbel’s Canon so much (that anyone who plays it could win my heart)!

Corene said she’ll play it to win my heart. Hahaha. No need, girl.

If you want to download the song, just click here.

Enjoy everyone! Share the love!

P.S. Whenever I hear it, I remember a girl… crying in front of a boy… being asked whether she loves him or not… and guess what the girl said?

Currently Listening: Never Leave by Cueshe


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