YFC Precon and Gawad Kalinga

I attended the Youth For Christ (YFC) Precon yesterday. Twas the Sector Conference of the South B people.

Every YFC from the South of NCR, I think, was there. And it was sooo much fun. All I could say is that being in the presence of the people who share your love is sooo overwhelming.

The desire to serve God, to live a holy life, to spread the good word is so overwhelming that by the end I was crying.

The best part of the event was not the contests, but it was the Praisefest. I’ve never seen so many people singing aloud and praising for God. You could just feel nothing but absolute goodness.

Yesterday was sooo much fun that I would really love to attend the Metro Con. It would be a gathering of YFC from all over Metro Manila. I wish I could go. 🙂

What I felt yesterday was really great. I was with the people I love… those who share my sentiments about God. We sang and danced… our praise for God was never ending. We all had so much fun there!

Too bad Mariah wasn’t there. My Mikey was with me and we met sooo many new people! Fun would be an understatement, really.

God is everything we will ever need. He alone can make us whole. He will never let us down.

I felt so at home. It’s like I really belonged there.

I am sinner and I am not proud to say so. I have desires that I would be sooo ashamed to share lest I be called names. Sometimes, I tend to forget that Him. I am easily swayed by desires, most of which are earthly. And for that, sorry dear Lord.

I just want to tell You that I will listen to You more. I’m so glad to be in your presence. I will strive to remove all impurities within me. I may not be 100% PURE but I will strive to be. Lord, you know of my dreams. I only wish for the best.

Greed for fame, power, and money led us to this WAR. What will happen to the world now? Let us not just dream, let us do something.

For that, I would like to invite everyone to join and support Gawad Kalinga. GK is Building 700,000 Homes in 7,000 communities in the Philippines in 7 years. Let us help make that mission come true. GK is not a work of charity, it is a mission of nation building and crusade for all Filipinos. Thus, it involves every sector of society. Remember, you don’t have to be a YFC or a CFC member to join GK. You don’t have to be affiliated with any organization to join GK. Helping build a nation doesn’t entail anything. You only have to have love within you (and that’s not even hard).

“OUR poor people place too much hope in politics and politicians. But dirty, dishonest and corrupt politics is making the poor poorer.
There is an effective solution to the basic problem of the poor — Gawad Kalinga.”

Let’s all strive for improvement. Nothing is impossible with God.

After all the impediments that came my way, I would like to surrender. But I will continue to fight, for I know that God is with me. Always.

Solo Dios Basta.


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