Starting Flip Flops Collection

Yesterday, October 28, was the Foundation Day of Madre Maria Pia Notari School. Madre Pia is my grade school alma mater and all my siblings studied there as well. Currently, 2 of my youngest sibs are studying there and they had dance presentations today, as part of the celebration of the Foundation of the school, and of course, my family and I were there to watch! 🙂

Patrick’s performance was really really nice! He’s energetic as always. Trisha’s dance was quite good as well! 🙂 Darn. Didn’t know we had the dance genes in the family. Hahaha. Patrick’s in Grade 5 already and Trisha is in Grade 3. I can’t believe that they’re the smallest in their class. Darn… our genes. Lolz.

Anyway, I got no camera so I have no pics to show to you… It’s just that it’s nice to visit that school again. Brings back memories… I’m feeling nostalgic as a result. Hahaha.

So after that, we decided to watch a movie since it was really a long time since our last. We wanted to watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl since Mariah recommended it. We went to SM Bicutan to hang out. I treated them out to lunch. 🙂 After that, we roamed around a bit. We window shopped a bit then we headed to the cinemas.

Unfortunately, Shark Boy and Lava Girl was there so we watched another movie. 😛 It was really really funny! 😛 I won’t go into details about the movie. Next time na lang. ^__^

Neway, after the movie I saw some flip flops for sale. They have a white one there that looks like a Havaianas but they don’t have my size. Out of stock, darn!

We went to SM Department Store and then I bought loads of flip flops. They’re really cheap and cute and purdy!!! I bought Banana Peel flip flops. I’m sure you’ve heard of that. They have really cute designs and colors and stuff. And it’s inexpensive too. 😀 I bought 5 pairs for only P250. I bought one for my mom and for Mariah.

I will post pictures when I can. 🙂

That starts our flip flops collection. Yummy. (I still desire Havaianas though.) ^__^

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