2 Chinese Students Want It That Way

First, a shout out to all: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

How was your halloween guys? Mine’s pretty boring so I won’t go into all those crap of how my boring day went.

Anyway, the newest sensation in the internet is this:

2 Chinese Students singing I Want It That Way

I’m quite sure you will all like this funny video. So pump up the volume in your speakers, sit back and relax.

Watch the video.

The video shows 2 basketball dorks in a (probably) Chinese dormitory performing a fan-video of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” while their roommate silently frags away.

I’m quite amazed how indifferent their roommate was. Never even looked behind him. Lolz.

So that is why I probably love the web anyway. You get great finds! We have invented a technology that allows people to actually make a total fools out of themselves. It’s great too how they can send it all over the world. 🙂

Come to think of it… There’s just something with Chinese people, don’t you think? *grins*

P.S. I am subtly encouraging all of you to get your webcams out of their boxes and then lipsynch to a pop song. Send the video to me so that I can post it here in my blog.

Insta-fame!!! ^__^


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