Late reg again!!!

I went to school this morning to enroll for 2nd sem. I went to my adviser first and showed her my class cards. She was glad I got high grades and no failing marks. Dapat lang. Anyway, I do have high marks, except for College Algebra and Trigonometry. 😦

So after going to my adviser, I submitted my enlistment form at the OCS window and waited for my name to be called. Two hours later, no sign of my Form 5A. Half an hour later, my enlistment form was returned to my adviser and I was summoned. She checked my enlistment form again and then asked me to get my Form 5A again. I got it an hour later. And to my dismay, it only listed 4 subjects. I lack 4 more!!! Argh. So my adviser asked me to proceed with the late registration. *sigh* Not again! What is wrong with the UP Enlistment system? There was the manual pre-enlistment halfway to the end of the current semester… Then there was the online enlistment during October. I couldn’t believe that UP has such a crappy enrollment system. It would really take you WEEKS before you could actually enroll. Argh.

And so I just went home after I accomplished all the other forms. I’ll be back to school tomorrow (for Manila Collegian meeting) and on Friday (to check on the available slots for my desired subjects).

My actual late reg enrollment would be on Nov 14. Good thing it’s on the 2nd day of the Late Reg period… ^__^

– – – – –

Btw, yesterday was my paternal grandmother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mommy!

We ate dinner at Max’s Restaurant and it was fun. The night went well, although I wish I could have bought this really cute shoes I saw.

It’s amazing how that one night was sooo peaceful. No verbal fights between my mama and mommy. Thank God. At least everyone had one night of peace. lolz. 😛

Currently Listening: Smashed Into Pieces by Silverstein


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