Last October 8, I attended a talk regarding love and courtship. It was hosted by the Holy Eucharist Parish Church and the two speakers were a couple who celebrated their 1st anniversary the next day. ♥

Here are some notes:

4 Deadly D’s
Depression and Loneliness

How to Get a Life

Get grounded. (We are created in the image of God.)
Get grouped. (Get involved in community.)
Get goal-oriented.
Get giving. (Reach out to people.)
Get growing.

“The people who risk nothing has nothing, does nothing.”

“Take a risk and throw yourself to get a life.”

“Start loving yourself to be able to give love.”

On Courtship

It’s the right love if, even after it has gone through the fire, you still love that person.

If you know that you can’t handle the relationship, don’t pressure yourself to continue the relationship.

Don’t hide it from your parents.

Better to becomes friends first then falling in love, than falling in love and becoming friends after.

Good communication is very important.

It’s better if our roles as women is to encourage them.

That’s all from LOVESTRUCK. ♥ I just posted them here for future reference. And of course, also to share some notes on the subject. 😉


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