Youth Mass

I’m part of the choir for the Youth Mass today at Holy Eucharist Parish Church.

Every second sunday of the month, we hold a Youth Mass in honor of the youth. ^__^

We’re so blessed that we were chosen to be the choir for the Youth Mass this month of December. We actually had our first practice last November 29. And after that, our next practice was just an hour before the mass today. Luckily, everything went well.

It was my first time to do the Responsorial Psalm. And I also did some second voicing on some songs like “Alleluia.” It was actually Bubi who taught me how to do the second voicing. The songs we’re using for the mass are mostly his version anyway. Hahaha. I’m sooo glad and thankful to the Lord our God that He answered our prayers for a successful choir.

Throughout the mass, I was kinda nervous because it would be like my first time in ages to actually sing again. Well, not really. But still… there’s the fear factor that I’ll be doing sooo many things for the first time. And mistakes aren’t really welcomed that time. hahaha. Good thing that everyone was sooo encouraging so everything went smoothly. Bubi was actually more panicky than I am. He’s like sooo restless.

Anyway, after the mass was a Christmas Party with the YFC, SIGA, SFC, and CYM. Mikey, Mariah, and I left early because we need to manage the shop for my parents were to attend a college class reunion of my dad. Turns out, they didn’t go. Sayang!

Bubi followed shortly with his friends. They’re going to play again here. Anyway, I have lots of things to do!

I’ve got to finish 2 problem sets for Chemistry and for Pharm 21 both due on Monday. I’ll be submitting a written report on Pharm 21 lab that is due on Wednesday. I also have a departmental exam on Chemistry on Wednesday and Pharm 21 Lec on Thursday.

Manila Collegian Christmas Party is on Thursday.

Tomorrow, I have a typing job again.

Though I feel busy, I feel really blessed because God gave me enough time to seve other people. 🙂


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