My Birthday

It was my birthday last December 17 and I would like to thank everyone who made my day really special.

I actually didn’t host any party that was customary for someone celebrating their 18th birthday. 🙂 I just stayed at home and had fun. 🙂

By the way, thank you to all those who greeted me! Thank you for making my day!!! ^__^

I woke up really early that day since I’m attending the Misa de Gallo. After that, Jongi, Mikey, Mariah, and I went to Mommy’s house since she invited us in for breakfast. I ate really loads that morning! I had puto bumbong with Lipton tea (not iced tea) and bread with Swiss Miss chocolate. So yummy!!!

Then, we watched I am Sam which starred Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning. Darn… It’s one of my fave movies of all time! During the start, I was already crying my heart out! And that went on till the end of the movie.

I slept later and darn… my eyes were all swollen when I woke up and it was sooo funny that I looked like a Chinese with slit eyes. ^_^

After that, I just stayed here at G-Unit Net Cafe. We were supposed to have dinner out that night but it was cancelled because Mommy (read: Papa’s mother) and Trisha were still out and they came home late. So I just asked them to cancel the dinner thingie and just rest coz we’re still going to Misa de Gallo later.

Mama just bought pancit and dinuguan and lechong baboy! Hehehe. Twas yummy.

Thanks to all those who gave me gifts. I appreciate everyone of them. 🙂

*hugs and cheers to everyone*


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