A Very Late Christmas Entry (and early New Year entry)

First of all, A Very Merry Christmas to all of YOU!

I’m so sorry for posting very late about my Christmas. 😛

Anyway, my Christmas was quite good. Better than last year. 😉

By the way, I’ve completed the Misa de Gallo and I made a wish. (Hope it would come true!)

On the last day of Misa de Gallo, our group, instead of having puto bumbong at Bubi’s house like we routinely did, decided to eat something different. Neil managed to grab a large can of corned beef and they planned to eat it straight from the can. Seky and I decided to cook it for them. I asked Seky to help me… and 30 minutes later, it was done!

The boys actually bought additional corned beef and 2 loaves of bread. And, would you believe how fast they ate it? Within 5 minutes after the bowl was set on the table, not a trace of it could be seen. 😀 The corned beef with garlic, onions, and potatoes was nowhere to be found. It all went to their stomachs. Hahaha! Twas funny! It’s so nice to cook for guys. 😛

Anyway, Mariah and I made Pastillas de Leche, on the night of December 23, as give-aways for the G-Unit Net Cafe people. I’m sooo glad that when it’s time to give them all away, they disappeared so fast. Not a trace could be seen. 😀 We’re actually going to make another batch for the New Year!

There were so many other things that happened but I don’t have much time to post all of them…

Yesterday, December 29, G-Unit Net Cafe had a DotA Tournament Year Ender. Only 4 teams competed but it was quite fun because everyone learned lots of new things! Jam’s team won! Anyway, everyone was super filled with food because my mom prepared this delicious sandwich with ground beef as spread. Then we had softdrinks for everyone. Yesterday was really really really tiring!

I still haven’t managed to do all of my school work. I’ll be damned! 😦 The holiday break is sooo short! Time flies sooo fast. I don’t even have the time to notice it, eh!


This time… I wish that there’s more than 24 hours in a day.

So yeah… I’m wishing everyone the best for the coming new year! And may all of us have a merry and prosperous start for the year ahead!

God bless to all and let me greet you all an advanced Happy New Year! Ciao and much love! mwah!


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