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I went to Robinson’s Place to buy some stuff and I met up with a friend. After that, I rushed back to school because I still need to go to the mobilization at Mendiola. Yes, I went to a rally.

It was quite fun. Ya know, to be fighting for your rights. Education is a right and not a privilege. That’s what we stand for. We’re denouncing the P65M budget cut and every fee increase that we have. The government allocates 80% of its budget for debt servicing when THAT 80% should be allocated to education. And that’s according to the constitution.

Btw, the 12% e-vat will take effect tomorrow. So, get ready and watch out for price hikes.

I met Atom again. I knew that he would be there.. Hahaha. But I didn’t go there just to see him again ah. Hahaha! I went there to cover for the event too, as a newswriter of the Manila Collegian.

Oh gosh… I’m so tired already. I want to sleep already.

But… I still need to do this damned typing job. (Yes, I should be typing a bio-data instead of ranting here…)

Well, I’m really a bit depressed because this guy that I likes doesn’t like me back. Worse is, he likes my other friend. Ouch! But it’s okay because the girl doesn’t like him. hahaha! And so I give up on him now… He’s too… nevermind.

I just decided that it’s time to give others a chance. Because, if I were to choose between the one I love and the one who loves me… I’ll go for the latter.



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OMG! The JESUS ROCKS Christian Rock Concert was such a blast!!!

It was sooo great. Well, the concert was actually for the relaunching of the Youth mass held 7 pm of every second Saturday of every month.

Tickets cost only P20 and there were a lot of people who watched us! It was sooo fun and most of my friends were there.

Our band weren’t supposed to be playing there… But the other band cancelled out and so we got to fill in. We only had 5 days of preparation yet we did it well. 🙂

Anyway, the concert started with the Youth mass and I was part of the choir. 🙂 All the time, I was so nervous for the upcoming concert. I prayed to God to guide us through the rest of the night so we wouldn’t make any mistake. 😀

The concert started at 8:30pm and the first band was the CYM Band. They were the band who perform during the Youth Mass. They have very lively songs all popularized by Hillsong. Then, the second band was the La Salle band. I actually forgot their name. Boo-hoo! They’re good but I was prolly too nervous to notice anything. hahaha!

We were next and the CTM band, as we are called, played 4 songs. First song was Huwag Mo Nang Itanong by MYMP and Milette was our soloist there. Nikki and I were the backups. Another song was Runaway by The Corrs and it was sang by Nikki. Actually, Nikki didn’t have any time to practice because the week before the concert was her exam week. Milette and I backed her up there. Nikki actually made a mistake there but it was okay because we immediately backed her up. 😀

The next song was called River by Out Of Eden. It’s a very fast song and this time, I sang it and Milette and Nikki were my backups. The next song, Wonder Why by Avalon is where we all sang. I still got the high parts but I think Milette is the best singer among us. Basta, she just sings sooo nice. We cut the last song in half and we ended up with half of Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. The ending was such a blast!

After our turn, Milette and I played the recorded version of our songs and then we heard that it was all good. We all thought at first that we sounded really bad. Turns out, we sounded REAL NICE! And that’s pretty good.

My mom commented on my singing and she said that I shouldn’t be nervous. (I’ll do better next time.) It was my first time to sing in a concert with that very large audience!!! She also said that when I speak in English, I should speak slower because many people can’t understand me. I should lose the American accent daw. hahaha! I can’t help it if I speak in English really fast. I tend to miss out on some words if I take it slow. Anyway, I will practice!!!

There were 2 bands that followed. And the last band was Kala or Kalang. I don’t know the spelling. They’re a professional group and they super nice! They even have a booth at the back of the gym and they were advocates of RockEd. Education through Rock music. What do they teach? They believe that we could end poverty here in the Philippines. They believe that through cumulative effort of advocates, we could help end poverty here. It’s like the one in They even give away white bands if you register. 😀

After the last band, the dance floor was opened. The mobile was playing sooo old pop songs and Milette and I don’t think that we should even dance at all. So Milette, CV, and I went outside to just talk and hang around. It was better that way. Then we decided to pull a trick on Bubi. We told him that we’re going to Baywalk and he can come if he wants. He actually took it seriously. hehehe. We had fun laughing afterwards.

Then, we just went to G-Unit and hanged out for a while. Oh, I had Marvin with me. He’s my high school friend and since it was a long time since we had a long talk, we had a very nice and long talk last night. We ended up at 1:30 am and I was quite sleepy that time. 🙂

Gahd. It was such a fun night!!! Hope it would happen again!

Creationism or Evolutionism

What do you believe in?

Do you believe in the Theory of Creation or in the Theory of Evolution?

Creationism is the belief that humans, life, the Earth, and the universe were created by a supreme being or deity’s supernatural intervention.

The Theory of Evolution states that humans and everything else in the world right now have a common ancestor. It also states that man descended from primates.

Please comment and say anything you want to say. Your opinion is highly valuable. Comments received before January 8 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. This is for a school paper. 🙂