I went to Robinson’s Place to buy some stuff and I met up with a friend. After that, I rushed back to school because I still need to go to the mobilization at Mendiola. Yes, I went to a rally.

It was quite fun. Ya know, to be fighting for your rights. Education is a right and not a privilege. That’s what we stand for. We’re denouncing the P65M budget cut and every fee increase that we have. The government allocates 80% of its budget for debt servicing when THAT 80% should be allocated to education. And that’s according to the constitution.

Btw, the 12% e-vat will take effect tomorrow. So, get ready and watch out for price hikes.

I met Atom again. I knew that he would be there.. Hahaha. But I didn’t go there just to see him again ah. Hahaha! I went there to cover for the event too, as a newswriter of the Manila Collegian.

Oh gosh… I’m so tired already. I want to sleep already.

But… I still need to do this damned typing job. (Yes, I should be typing a bio-data instead of ranting here…)

Well, I’m really a bit depressed because this guy that I likes doesn’t like me back. Worse is, he likes my other friend. Ouch! But it’s okay because the girl doesn’t like him. hahaha! And so I give up on him now… He’s too… nevermind.

I just decided that it’s time to give others a chance. Because, if I were to choose between the one I love and the one who loves me… I’ll go for the latter.



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