I don’t like you anymore…

I just came home from school… We had our 2nd long exam in philosophy. Anyway, I’m sooo heartbroken. 😦

The worst thing in the world is…

when the one you love… loves someone NOT YOU but YOUR FRIEND.

And the one I love blames me for the fact that MY FRIEND LIKES ANOTHER GUY (AND IT’S NOT HIM!)

How could Bubi blame me for that? He blames me prolly because I helped Milette become close to CV! Duh?! I didn’t even know that Bubi likes Milette. If I only knew, I should’ve stopped making efforts for Milette and for CV to become close.

I hate this. I favored Milette’s happiness… why do I still feel sad?

In the effort to help her be happy… we stepped over someone.

I can’t take this anymore. I think Bubi hates me for the fact that I told him that Milette and CV are getting close and that he shouldn’t fight with CV just for that.

For God’s sake!

I don’t wanna see him again… unless he say sorry.

I was just favoring Milette’s happiness… and then he gets mad at me. Is it my fault that Milette likes CV and not him?

Is it my fault if Bubi is so torpe?!

It’s a good thing that Milette consoled me… I was on the verge of tears last night just because of this. I would really hate myself if he hates me so much. I don’t think that he’ll want to talk to me again… The words from his mouth that struck me the most last night was… “Don’t say hi to me ever.”


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