Mr. and Ms. Pharmacy Pictures

It’s about time. Whew.

Sorry if the pics are dark and appear grainy. It was dark in the school and in the auditorium. πŸ˜› Thanks to my mom for taking the pictures and for the full support. ^__^

The contest started with the SIKLAB. It’s a sing and dance contest for where every batch participated. We were only able to take one picture of that part of the contest and here it is.

siklab 3rd year

That’s the 3rd year and they danced “Lady Marmalade.” It was a very good dance. Really funny and their costumes were nice!

Let’s proceed to the Mr. and Ms. Pharmacy proper. While waiting for the contest to start, the contestants were taking several pictures. πŸ˜› The first segment of the contest would be the “Famous Couple” thingimajig. The first year couple (Yen and Lester) dressed up as Kris Aquino and James Yap. Randy and I, representing the 2nd year, dressed up as Beyonce Knowles and Austin Powers in the movie “Goldmember.” The 3rd year couple (Angela and JR) dressed up as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The 4th years (Che and Raniel) dressed up as Heart and the guy in the local teleserye “Panday.” The 5th years dressed up as Marimar and Sergio in the famous telenovela “Marimar”. During the presentation, we were asked impromptu to make a stint upstage! Could you believe that. We weren’t even able to prepare for that. Anyway, here are the pics.

Yen and Me

That’s Yen and Me. She’s dressed up as Kris Aquino.

Randy and I

Randy and I dressed up as Beyonce Knowles and Austin Powers.

Me, Randy, JR, and Angela

Me, Randy, JR and Angela. πŸ˜›

After that, the SIKLAB continued and for the break, Mr. and Ms. Pharmacy contest was back. This time, for the Talent Portion. Before that, we took pictures again!

Me, Che, and Yen

Me, Ate Che, and Yen.

Yns, Steph, Me, and Randy

That’s Yns, Steph, Me and Randy. They’re my blockmates! πŸ™‚ Thank you guys for everything!

Randy and Me

Randy and me.

The first years made an on-the-spot acting show. They imitated James Yap and Kris Aquino. Hehehe. ^__^

I sang “Til they take my heart away” and “I’ll never get over you getting over me” while Randy played the guitar. It was quite good. Unfortunately, the mic they gave me was defective. So it was really soft. Daya!

Ate Angela and Kuya JR sang “Magmahal Muli” and imitated Say Yutadco and Sam Milby.

Ate Che and Kuya Raniel did a sing and dance showdown! It was quite good. Really fun to watch! ^__^

Ate Reeva and her partner sang a duet song. I wasn’t able to watch because we needed to change for our long gown and q&a portion.

After dressing up, we took the break as an opportunity to eat and to take more pictures! ^__^

Angela, Che, Me, and Yen

Ate Angela, Ate Che, Me and Yen

funny pose

Us again… Funny pose. πŸ˜›

After a short while, we were asked to enter the stage again. We strutted around the stage and then it was the question and answer portion.






long gown


Just like an ordinary pageant, the contestants were asked to pick a piece of paper where the name of a judge was written. I chose Ms. Cary Co, my teacher in Pharm21. πŸ˜› She was the former Ms. Pharm. πŸ˜›

Question for 1st year: “Why do donuts have holes?!” Seriously, natanga si Yen don sa question na yon. Hehehe. Ang sagot nya nong una, “Syempre, kasi kung walang hole, san ilalagay yong filling?” Well, natanga kaming lahat don. Tapos inulit nya yong sagot nya. Tapos inulit yong tanong at yon pa rin sagot nya. Inulit ulit yong tanong. At sa wakas, nagets din nya. Sabi na lang nya, “Eh wala na tayong magagawa don. Eh ganon gusto non gumawa ng donut eh. Pasensya na ah. Toxic na kasi ako eh kaya nawiwindang ako sa tanong. Di bale, next year, maaanswer ko na tong question na to.”

Amp. CoΓ±o talk na. Sablay pa. Sayang talaga.

Yong sakin naman, “What do you think is the significance of this pageant?” Di ko na sasabihin sagot ko kasi mahaba. At nasagot ko sya ng tama dahil mataas ang score ko don.

Yong sa third year, “Given the chance to be an actress, what would you choose: be an actress or continue as a pharmacist?” Sabi nya… pharmacist kasi gusto nya talaga yon. Basta mahaba pa sagot nya.

Kay Ate Che naman, “How would you make UP Manila stand out among the other colleges?” Kasi nga daw, kapag sinabi mo na taga UP ka… ang isip agad nila ay UP Diliman. Pano daw maiaangat ang UP Manila to be well-known. Ok din sagot nya actually. Ang habaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pa.

Kay Ate Reeva, nalimutan ko na yon tanong. Antok na kasi ako. hahaha.

Pati nga sa mga Mr. Pharmacy contestants, nalimutan ko na. Ang naalala ko lang ay yong sa 1st year, 3rd year, at 4th year.

Sa 1st year, “May isang lalaking bangkay na putol ang ulo at walang saplot. Pano mo masasabi na Pharmacist sya?” Weird ng tanong no? Di ko rin alam kung pano sagutin yan eh.

Sa 3rd year, “Are you nationalistic? Would you leave the country to work abroad after you graduate?” Ang sagot nya… nationalistic sya at di sya aalis ng pinas. Galing sa puso ang sagot nya pero di ko alam kung bakit nag BOO ang mga tao. Siguro dahil mukha syang di kapanipaniwala. Sayang.

Yong sa 4th year, “What do you want me to ask you and why?” Amp! Nangampaya Si kuya raniel. Sabi nya na gusto nyang tanong, “Bakit ako sumali dito?” Tapos ang sagot nya ay parang nangangampanya sya. Well, candidate nga sya for elections. USC Councilor nga ata yon. Ay ewan. Di ko sya gusto.

Eto pics ng mga Mr. Pharmacy contestants.

Mr Pharm

Mr Pharm

Awarding na… tapos biglang nagbrownout. Pinauwi na kami.

I spotted Ate Reeva at ambush photo op na ito. πŸ˜›

Reeva and Me

Yan ang tanging pic nya outside the auditorium. That’s because she never went with us in our dressing room. Solo sya, in short. πŸ˜›

Anyway, awarding ceremony last wednesday.

Ms. Pharmacy: Ate Che (4th year)
Ms. Pharmacy 1st runner up: Ako (2nd year)

Mr. Pharmacy: Randy (2nd year)
Mr. Pharmacy 1st runner up: JR (3rd year)

Special awards:
Best famous couple: 4th year
Best in talent: Ms. Pharmacy: Ate Che
Best in talent: Mr. Pharmacy: Randy
Voter’s Choice Award: 2nd year

Siklab dance winner: 2nd year
Siklab song winner: 1st year

In fairness, ang daming awards ng 2nd year. This is our year. Sana laging ganito. Hehehe. πŸ˜›


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