In a Parallel Universe…

In a parallel universe, I saw myself like I was staring in the mirror. But this time, SHE was doing something else. Something that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to actualize the dream.

For the whole of my lifetime, I’ve always had that dream. It’s like the most passionate thing for me. The sexiest. I could probably live my whole life really happy if I know how to do it.

I have always been fascinated with those who could do what I couldn’t. I know that I have limits… still, I haven’t stopped yearning that someday I’ll learn how to.

My first ever memory of asking my parents about it was even way before I entered school. I don’t know what my inspiration was… but I said, “Ma, I want to learn that craft. Please…” My puppy dog eyes never got to her. 😦 I know they want me to do it but as they always reason out, “we couldn’t afford it.” I guess, they’re secretly dreaming it for me too.

Years passed. My dream never faded. Whenever I feel it around me… it’s like so intoxicating. That it really takes my breath away. I feel like I was taken to another place. A place of tranquility and solitude.

That dream filled my entire being. My friends say that maybe, just maybe, it was really the THING that I LOOK FOR in a guy. Maybe…

Looking back, all the guys linked to me were really musicians. My first was a drummer. My latest is a vocalist and a guitarist. Isn’t that chic? Actually, if I’m gonna mention every guy here, you’d prolly agree with my friends.

I guess, I really won’t go out with someone who doesn’t have the same passion as I do. I don’t want to be a cradle of ash. Of which the fire was long gone. I wouldn’t want that. I’d want the fire to be always burning. Like an eternal flame.

Oh yes, that girl plays the piano so well. I wish that was really me. The girl in the parallel universe.


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