Family Reunion 2006

We had a family reunion last March 5.

Dumating kasi si Tito Raff from the states. He’s my grandmother’s brother. In short, Lolo ko na sya. But we never called him Lolo. Tita Wilma, his wife, works at the IMF. Yep, International Monetary Fund. Hehehe. Yong mga classmate ko sa school, lagi nila kinocondemn ang IMF at World Bank. Never ko ginawa yon. Bat naman diba?!

Anyway, since 10 days lang dito si Tito Raff and it’s been a while since we had a reunion… he decided to host one. Dati kasi, don kami sa condo nila sa Easton Place. This time, may nagrerent na kasi don kaya sa ibang place. We were supposed to eat somewhere nice… Pero puno lahat! Darn… nakalimutan magpareserve. so ayon… ilang generations din kaming lahat. 25 ata kami lahat eh. Di na nakapunta yong iba kasi nasa malayong lugar at ibang bansa. Well, masaya naman. Sabi ni Tito Raff. Meet at 10am sa glorietta. Don na lang para center ng lahat ng bahay namin. Videocams and cameras were brought. Sira yong car namin so car ni Mommy (Lola) yong ginamit. Eh 9 kami so hindi kasya. Mommy, Mikey, and I rode a taxi instead. Hanep. First time ni Mommy sumakay ng taxi. Hahaha. Ako pa nagturo kung pano. Lolz.

Bad trip si Mommy sobra kasi wrong route ang dinaanan ng driver. Lalong lumayo. At traffic pa. So ayon… may parang cold war. Tapos, I kept asking Mommy if Portia would come. Si Portia (at ang kanilang anak ni Kuya Brian na si Justin Andrei) ang pinakabagong miyembro sa aming pamilya. Portia is only 18 when she gave birth to Justin and Kuya Brian was 24 now. Anyway, Protia is one pretty girl. I only saw her in Friendster and woah. She’s really gorgeous. I kept on asking things about her. I want to welcome her to the family since my mom never had a warm welcome when it was her time then. Although Mama and Portia have different financial backgrounds, I still had the need to welcome Portia. Besides, we’re almost the same age.

We got to G4 at around 10:30. Just in time for the mass there. We heard mass first and then Mariah and I went to the bookstore for a while. Then, we had the Mr. and Ms. Pharmacy photos processed. I’ll post them later coz I haven’t scanned them yet.

We waited for Mommy Lil’s and Tita Lind’s family to arrive. While waiting we took some pictures.

The Bunch

From L-R: That’s Mikey, Tito Raff, Me, and Mariah on the first row. On the bottom row are Trisha and Patrick. Those are my siblings with our Lolo.

Trisha and Patrick

That’s a close-up of my two cute siblings.

When I saw them. Gahd! There were so many children. I’m growing old. Before, Kate (my Aunt who’s the same age as I) and I were the only kids there. We’re the apples of everyone’s eyes. Now, it’s different. Ang dami nila! Pero ang pinakababy ay si Justin Andrei! Ang gwapo. Mana kay Portia! Portia is pretty talaga. Even in person. All the while, I thought she was taller… yon pala, she’s a lot shorter than I am. Around 4’11 lang sya siguro. (O Gel, matangkad pa rin ako!) Sexy pa rin. Ganda. Simple. Hotchick sa mata ng iba. Well, magaganda talaga lahi namin. Hahaha.

The OLDIES decided where to eat. They said… sa Dad’s. Kaso puno. Tapos sa North Park. Puno din. Eh gutom na rin mga kids. Ang dami nila… mga 10 silang bulilits don. Gutom lahat! So ayon… we went to Iceberg. Mind you, wag na kayo kakain don. Service is sooo bad. Even the food tastes bland. The best talaga ang Chef D’Angelo when it comes to pastas! Don sa Iceberg, ang bagal ng service. Sabagay I could understand dahil 25 ata kami na sabay-sabay umorder. Pero it took almost an hour! My gosh. Kawawa kids. So for entertainment, Trisha took the floor and performed her declamation piece. Syempre ako nagintro. Special request nila yong British-American accent ko. Hahaha! Family ko pa lang nakakarinig nyan. Isang sikretong malupit namin.

Tuwang-tuwa naman lahat kay Trisha. Syempre, baby sis ko yon no!

Picture break muna…

Miko, Kuya Mike and Ate Kris

That’s Miko, Kuya Mike and Ate Kris. Cute huh? Miko’s already 6 years old! He grew so fast!!! Ate Kris is my father’s cousin.

Table View

A view of the table…

Tito Raff with Portia and Brian

That’s Tito Raff with Portia and Brian, parents of Justin. Brian is my 2nd cousin.


The Oldies: Mommy, Mommy Lil, Tita Lyn, Tito Rommel, and Tito Raff. Notice that we never called anyone Lola/Lolo in our family. 😛

The Kids with Papa

The kids with Papa. From L-R: Papa, Patrick (Papa and Patrick are twins with diff. birth dates), Jackie (she looks like Portia), Trisha, Guian, Dave and Joey. (I always tease Joey as Dingdong Dantes.) THOSE ARE NOT MY KIDS. Patrick and Trisha are my siblings. Jackie, Guian, Dave, and Joey are my 2nd cousins.


Justin the newest baby! 🙂 Welcome to the family!

After 10 mins, ready na din yong food. Yong pasta ang tabang super. Hahaha. Eh since gutom na kami… pwede na. Ang masarap sa kanila… yong Chicken. Pati shrimp. Grabe.

Yong mga ice cream nila ok naman… Pero puro ice shavings yong mga halo-halo and mais con hielo, and the likes. Well, mahal din food don. So hulaan nyo na lang kung magkano yon bill. Hehehe. Carry naman eh.

After that, Duty Free kami. Yesterday was the last day eh. Todo shopping ang mga OLDIES. Parang wala ng bukas. In fairness, mas mura nga naman kasi don! Yong mga bags and tops don… muntik ko ng hilahin lahat. Hehehe. Tito Raff kept on insisting that I buy something for myself. Sya daw magbayad lahat. Nahiya naman ako when I can pay for my own. So di na lang ako bumili dahil for sure, he’ll insist on paying for them. Eh he gave me so much na! Todo shopping talaga mga oldies don. Halos bilhin na laht. Hahaha. Sa grocery lang konti binili. Sawa na sa supermarket mga yon eh. Rustan’s ba naman almost everyday mag-grocery mga tita ko?! Di ako masyado mahilig maggrocery. Nakakainip sya minsan.

Buong hapon, I kept on talking to Portia para naman she’ll feel welcome. Bait naman sya. Swerte ni Kuya Brian. Mahal na mahal sya ni Portia eh. hehehe.

Kids again

This picture was really funny. Joey noticed that every kid was posing and he ran really fast saying, “You’re forgetting me! Wait!” And he made that pose. Funny kids. From L-R: Dave, Trisha, Guian, Jackie, Miko, and Joey (standing).

After non, pagod na lahat. Besides, gutom na naman mga kids dahil they were playing “Simon Says” all day! Biro mo yon?! Pinaglaruan ko nga sila eh. hehehe. Kunwari ako si Simon. hahaha! Mga uto-uto naman sila. Pero ayos ah… Kausapin mo silang lahat ng English, ayos! Gayang-gaya sa cartoons magsalita. Hehehe. Sa bahay kasi nila, cartoons lang lagi pinapanood. And they all speak in English. Yong si Jackie nga, Nursery sa Assumption. P80,000 per year ang tuition. Ayos no? Worth it naman. Magaling naman kasi talaga don. Pero isipin nyo n lang ang tuition nya pag highschool na sya. hehehe.

Si Tito Raff din, bumili ng MagicSing. Ayon, buong araw na kumakanta sa bahay. Hehehe. Tuwang-tuwa. Maganda pala yong MagicSing. At mahal ko na rin yon dahil laging 98 ang score ko. Yong MagicSing ay $200. Magkano ba yon dito?

Anyway, yon lang bout the family reunion.

– – – – –

Btw, Trisha had a cheering competition last March 9. Then won 2nd place, methinks. It’s funny that Trisha’s the smallest yet she’s the most active!

Trisha Cheering Competition

My cute baby sister Trisha and her classmates! 🙂

My Parents at G-Unit Net Cafe

That’s my mom and dad. A hot young-looking couple. Hehehe.

– – – – –

Last March 11, after the Amazing Grace at the Parish, we went directly to Baywalk. Imagine, I was wearing that outfit the whole day. I hadn’t even had the time to change and put powder on my face. But that’s okay. Pictures turned out great anyway.

My siblings and I went with Mommy and Tito Raff. We planned to go to Baywalk… but it was sooo full and it smells fishy. We went to Luneta near the bay. It’s near the Quirino Grandstand. We took pictures there to pass our time.

At The Parking Lot

At the parking lot with Trisha and Mariah.


That pic was taken in front of the fountain/fish pond where giant catfishes were present.


Same place. But just the three of us making pretty poses.

Since we got really bored there, we decided to go to Blue Wave. Aryana and H20 were there. 🙂 We took a picture with her…

with Aryana

With Aryana… She’s a dancer/singer/performer at SOP, according to Mariah.

We ate dinner there and after that… we had dessert. Mariah and I shared on one big halo-halo.


Inviting you to eat it with us. 😉

Banana Split

Now, look at Trisha and her banana split. She was unable to finish all that and I ate the rest. Hehehe.


Yummy Halo-halo! ^__^

– – – – –

Also, last March 14 was Trisha’s Declamation Day. She was the representative of her school. 🙂

Look at her…

Before Declamation

Too bad she didn’t win. She didn’t had a good costume… but it’s okay. I’ll bet she’ll still be the representative next year. 😉

That’s all for now!

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