Like A Geisha

It’s amazing.

Remember how, in the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha,” Sayuri and Mameha were able to stop a man in his tracks with just one look? I guess I could be a living proof that not ONLY geishas could do it. Even ordinary people like me CAN.

And it’s fun! My friends and I were tripping early today. They have this video cam and we were kind of shooting. Then they dared me to that geisha look. And it worked 5 times on different men. Usually on UP college students. Afterwards, we were all laughing like hyenas. We also created an ala-“The Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood” type of film.

After the laughtrip, we deleted the videos. It was crap, so to say. Just plain girlish hulabaloos.

Btw, I wanna try the eat-all-you-can siomai at D&D (Dimsum and Dumplings) next week. But would I be up to that challenge? I’ll prolly bring along a guy friend to eat out with me. Too bad that John can’t go. 😦 Ivan offered to go with me anyway, since he was the one to tell me about me. Maybe, someday, I’ll try out his invitation.

God, I sound like Carrie Bradshaw talking. Excuse me, I’m not all that. But then, though I’m not craving for her men-ish lifestyle… I’m craving for her closet! Dammit! hahaha! Those Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks would just make my eyes start googling and would make me drool. Maybe I’ll ask my Ninong to give me one for my Birthday this year. Hopefully… 😀 If only it doesn’t cost around 500,000 pesos, I’d buy lotsa pairs. Not only do they look good on the feet, they make me look tall too. Just what I need! For the meantime, VNC and Nine West would do. 🙂

Moving on, life in UP is so hard. You’d notice that a lot of people are dressed down. UP is sooo unlike Ateneo, La Salle, and UA&P wherein you have to dress like the models in the latest fashion mag. (Yes, there are exceptions.) In UP, I dress up really simply. If I’m not wearing my uniform, I’d probably go with a simple body fit tank top/shirt/spaghetti strap/polo, jeans/capris/skirt, paired with flipflops/sandals. Then I’d just accessorize. Dun ako bumabawi. 😀 Plus, wearing flats/flipflops is really an advantage since we have to run in between classes for like half a mile or so. That’s how far buildings are from one another. We have this huge PGH separating the world of Pharmacy to the world of Arts and Sciences. Until my 3rd year, I’d still be running to and fro those worlds.

You’d notice in UP that the students are wearing mostly what we would call pambahay. Gahd. Even guys just wear shirts, jeans, flipflops, and body bags. Most of them have shades. The sun is out so it’s justifiable.

One gossip, a couple was caught “doing it” in our schoolpaper office. The girl is a UP student and the guy is not. Gahd. Are couples that desperate as to make do with our shitty office? Mismatched green and pink walls would never qualify as an aphrodisiac for me. Plus the MESS. Papers scattered everywhere. and a dirty couch. Maybe it’s the couch that attracted them. I just hope that they were bit by the bedbugs.

Evil laugh.

Do Not Read: Excessive intake of Paracetamol leads to liver damage. Take Paracetamol only when temperature is 38+ degrees celsius. That was the reason why the nurses and doctors had a hard time insisting that I take Paracetamol when I got sick last year. Dammit. I was sooo scared of having liver damage. Hahaha!

P.S. I saw roni_bats this morning at UP Manila. I wish I’d had the courage to tell him that I like the way he writes. You guys check out Peyups and see his column there. 😀


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