My Phones

Let’s take a look back at all the phones I had…

Bosch (Forgot the model) – I got this when I was in Grade 6 until 1st year high school. It eventually got extinct and chose to die instead.

Nokia 3330 – 2nd year high school to 3rd year high school. Someone snatched it from my skirt pocket… while I was inside a jeep. When I lost this, I really cried because I just got it for months. And it’s Globelines!!! Well, that was a good thing because we had the line cut and the phone blocked.

Nokia 6210 – 3rd year to 4th year high school. I still have it until now! 🙂 But this is with my mom now since bought me a new one then. And its…

Nokia 7250i – 4th year high school only. Before entering 1st year high school, it got snatched inside G-Unit Net Cafe. Someone asked me to print something on a diskette and I just placed the phone beside my hand. When I looked down, it was still there. And when I looked up, it was gone! And so was the guy! Damn!

Nokia 6210 – Back to my old phone then… My mom had her own phone then too. I used it during my 1st year in college. When my line got cut because of unpaid bills, I stopped using a phone. Until I got a…

Nokia 3315 – I used it year 2005 then it was stolen together with my mom’s phone! So we had no phones that time. My mom switched back to the N6210 and I used nothing.

Nokia 3210 – I’ve used this 2005 to 2006 until now…

Sony Ericsson (i forgot the model) – Just had it now. And my Nokia 3210 goes to Mariah! 🙂 Thank you Tito Raff for this new phone! I love you!

Now we both have phones! 🙂 I won’t lose this one now. I promise this to myself. It’s just to prove to myself and to my family that I’m not that careless when it comes to phones. ^__^

Currently Listening: What Dreams Are Made Of by Paolo and Isabella


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